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Openly gay Pennsylvania state legislator Brian Sims announces run for Lieutenant Governor

One of the biggest turning points for the 2020 Presidential Election was when the swing state of Pennsylvania went from red to blue. Now, according to Out Magazine, Brian Sims, the openly gay Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has announced that he is running for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. 

“My name is Brian Sims and I am running for Lieutenant Governor,” Sims states in an announcement video. 

“After 10 years in the State House, I’ve taken the lessons that my parents taught me & reinforced them in my work as a legislator: to take responsibility, commit to service, be courageous, & push for fairness,” Sims announces in a Twitter post. “I’m ready to take these values to lead the Commonwealth.”

In the video, Sims goes on to say: “I have a lot of hope when I look at the people across the country that decided over the last number of years that they’d had enough,” he continued. “That they looked at the lack of leadership and thought they could do better because oftentimes they are right. we are the antidote to broken politics.”

As a student athlete on the Bloomsburg University football team, Sims was outed to his fellow teammates. However, despite being outed, Sims was able to lead them to a Division II National Championship game as captain. 

Being outed in college led Sims into his other calling as an LGBTQ+ advocate and political leader, later serving as the Executive Director of Equality Pennsylvania and as a member of the Victory Campaign Board. He became the first out elected state legislator in Pennsylvania in 2012 before running for Congress in 2015. Sims has made it a point, throughout his political career, to push for LGBTQ+ rights. 

“My time in the Pennsylvania legislature has taught me a lot about not only how the Pennsylvania government works but a lot about how it doesn’t.”It’s taught me a lot about how to work with people who don’t always agree with me.”

Sims closes the video by stating: “I think it’s time for me to take what I learned in the house and to be able to bring that leadership to the direct service of the Governor. I want to be your next Lieutenant Governor. We need adults in the room and I want to bring bold innovative leadership based on lived experiences and shared values to the Commonwealth.”

If elected as Lieutenant Governor, Sims would represent over 13 million people.

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One thought on “Openly gay Pennsylvania state legislator Brian Sims announces run for Lieutenant Governor

  • I have followed Rep. Brian Sims for several years. He is a sincere, articulate spokesman for both his constituents as well as the LGBTQ community. He leads by example and stands up for those whose voices may otherwise not be heard. He is not afraid to make his position known on issues that he feels passionately about. I will be following his campaign with great interest. Best of Luck, Rep. Sims.

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