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NYC artists come together for benefit show at Stonewall Inn

A group of NYC artists, performers and activists are putting on a show to help raise relief funds for LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya, particularly for those in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

On Thursday, November 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Freak Out will present Aluta Continua, A Fundraiser for LGBTQ Refugee Relief at the Stonewall Inn. 

For many people, Kenya is considered a country of asylum, where victims of violence and torture may go to safely and peacefully await resettlement to a third country. However, many LGBTQ+ people become trapped after being lured to the country with the promise of asylum and protection only to end up facing torture and abuse that is often even worse than the countries that they have fled. 

In Kenya, it is still very much illegal to be LGBTQ+. The government and the police are extremely corrupt and the agencies who are supposed to be there to help shelter and protect them are failing miserably.

Since August of 2020, Chauncey Dandridge and activists from around the world have been advocating for a group of LGBTQ+ refugees in Block 13 of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya who are in constant danger, facing transphobic and homophobic attacks and threats every moment of their days and nights there. Their houses were burned, all their belongings were lost forever. Lives were lost, children and mothers were displaced, and nightmares were amplified.

“Aluta Continua” means ‘the struggle continues’ and our comrades in Kakuma and around the world say it often to remind each other that we are all in this together and that the fight is far from over for equality and dignity. But, victory is certain.

This month, the Freak Out family of artists and performers will be donating their time and talent to raise much-needed funds and awareness of the dire situation our LGBTQ+ siblings are facing. Hosted by Chauncey Dandridge and co-host Babs, the show will feature performances from such artists as Bryce Quartz, The Debbie-Donnas, Wendy Stuart, Lavinia Draper, Evan Laurence, Tara Klang, Sara Elizabeth, Jack Tracy and many more! 

The funds raised will assist those who are unable to work to support themselves with things like vital nutrition, medication and first aid, warm bedding, educational supplies, and other basics that are necessary for survival. So, go out and enjoy a great show for a great cause! 

If you are unable to attend the performance, you can also donate via their GoFundMe Campaign

For more information, visit the Facebook Event page.

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