Nippondanji Brand Products Feature Beefy Japanese Manga Art

Nippondanji brand products are inspired by Japanese Manga, and created by numerous Japanese artists, including acclaimed artist Jiraiya.

Noted for his homoerotic, hyperreal drawings of “gachimuchi” (ガチムチ), meaning “muscle-curvy” or “muscle-chubby” men, Jiraiya’s artwork has been fascinating fans all over the world for years. Now, with the special Nippondanji Jiraiya Collection, you can collect some awesome merchandise featuring some of your favorite beefy manga drawings!

The Nippondanji Shop is located on the first floor of Eagle Tokyo Blue, and carries products which feature the artwork of Jiraiya, as well as Eagle Tokyo Merchandise. The shop and bar are now temporarily closed from August 3 to August 31, due to current coronavirus guidelines in Tokyo. However, the Nippondanji online shop is still open, and ships all over the world!

Visit the Nippondanji Online Shop and browse through some of the great products available, including t-shirts, caps, underwear, face masks, sex toys, artwork and accesories!

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Due to the effects of coronavirus, the demand for delivery to some areas has increased. For this reason, Nippondanji Shop has revised its shipping costs. Shipping to North America is 4,000 yen ($38), with free shipping available for purchases of more than 20,000 yen ($189). Shipping to Asia is 3,000 yen, with free shipping available for purchases of more than 15,000 yen. Shipping to all other areas is 5,000 yen (£36, €40), with free shipping available for purchases over 25,000 yen. 

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