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New Graphic Tees from Cheeky Bear

Cheeky Bear is a new bear apparel brand created and run by Diego Larenas and Oscar Juarez. The brand features a small but growing assortment of prints, offering fun, flirty, and dare I say…cheeky… t-shirt designs in sizes M-6XL! I mean, how much more could you ask for?

The brand’s mission is to provide fun designs for bigger boys at affordable prices. Their site clearly states: “Ever feel like you are forced to pay extra for your Tees because you have a few more curves? No mas! That’s where the idea of Cheeky Bear sparked. We set out to create a line of inclusive, fabulous & affordable tees!”

Cheeky Bear Tees are T-shirts for men. Not just any men; big, burly, masculine men who are big-o-teddy bears! What can we say? They love us, and they celebrate every last one of us and all aspects of their Cheeky behavior! And by going all the way to a 6XL, it definitely shows!

Diego Larenas is the Creative Director and graphic designer responsible for the prints. My personal favorite is ‘The Drip’, pictured below. Happiness comes in all sizes, and this stylish tee will definitely make your fashion Bear smile.

Also, it seems that Cheeky Bear will be heading to Texas Bear Round Up this year. This is one of the hottest Bear events ever run by the Dallas Bears, so we’re definitely glad they will be making an appearance. If you’re going, be sure to check them out at the Cannon Ball vendor booth.

Make sure to take advantage of their Valentine’s Day sale going on now! Join the Cheeky Bear party by heading to their website to shop!
Use code “CHEEKYTINE” at checkout for 15% off your order.
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John Hernandez

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