MIGHTY APHRODITE PICTURES orders ‘Brothers & Sisters’ drama series

Brothers & Sisters, the highly anticipated digital drama series from Mighty Aphrodite Pictures starring Laura Flores, Plutarco Haza, Andrés Zuno and Malili Dib, has landed at SHOLALPAVISION with an eight-episode straight-to-series first season order. The show was created by Valentina and Your Iron Lady director Jorge Xolalpa Jr., who will serve as showrunner. 

Brothers and Sisters centers on The Kings — Eva King (Flores), Vincent King (Haza), Violet King (Dib) — and follows Marvin King (Zuno), a renowed photographer who finds himself confronting psychological demons from his past when he is forced to move back home after a failed suicide attempt. 

Xolalpa, who wrote all eight episodes, will also direct and executive produce with Val Valdez, Brenda Quinones, Juan Pablo Ochoa & Veronica Xolalpa at Sholalpavision. Brothers & Sisters will shoot in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Flores, a prolific Mexican-soap star who recently did a major cross-over to the American market, completed her first American film MELANCOLiA, which co-stars Plutarco Haza and Malili Dib, days before the stay at home order was issued. Zuno is widely known for the role of Hugo Arango in Televisa’s Al Diablo con Los Guapos (To Hell With Handsome Men) and Rafael in CBS’s The Bold and The Beautiful

MELANCOLiA was Xolalpa’s fifth feature film, and he is now gearing up for production of his sixth feature film Guajolote starring Nitzia Chama, Ilean Almaguer and Adalgiza Chermont, which is due out in the Fall 2020.

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