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Mercedes Benz AMG A35: One sporty sedan for Europe

I really, really liked driving around town in this sedan. And sure, who wouldn’t like driving around town in a Mercedes? 

Too bad the A35 is being discontinued in the United States. A-Class Mercedes cars, handled by AMG, were initially considered too small for American tastes, but over the years, that had picked up steam in terms of sales and popularity, so we here in the colonies are not sure what the logic is behind this abrupt discontinuance. 

According to Kelley Blue Book, the A35 just “disappeared” from the Mercedes website late last year.   A spokesperson later confirmed that we here in North America will not be seeing it for our first year without Betty White. 

The A35 was truly entry-level luxury.  And Europe will still get to enjoy that luxury for 2022.

2.0-liter turbo. 4-cylinder. 302 horses. All-Wheel Drive (4Matic in Mercedes ‘speak’). Average MPG is 25. ECO Stop/Start: I will admit, this always gets me because there is a bit of a delay when stopping and going. Great for cruising.  Great for racing.  Great for just getting through your day in style.

Basically, if you want one, you will want to get an auto broker.  Or someone who knows how to track one down for you. And somehow get it to you.  Wherever you live.

And, well, the luxury is incredible, as you can imagine. For example, the little man who lives inside your Mercedes will let you know when you are approaching the car.  Little lights come on to welcome you, but nothing startling. How nice is that?

Ambient lighting. Plush seats that move and sway (well, maybe not ‘sway’ but they do feel nice). Safety is always a big deal for me: 24-hour roadside assistance, blind spot monitoring everywhere, LED lights all around so you can really see everything – Mercedes will even answer when you press the little call light. Just like staying at The Four Seasons.

Yeah, you expect that kind of service.  And you should.

I admit to being a halibut out of the lake when it comes to being in such a luxury vehicle.  Yet I could get very used to the AMG A35. It’s a smart, easy, very nice sedan that practical drives itself, which does force you to pay attention, because, well, it doesn’t put itself automatically in ‘P’.  But that’s another story I shall tell after I have had a few Shiner Bock beers when I will be taking a Lyft home…….

For those watching their wallets and just dreaming about a car like the AMG A35, you may want to check out another German hottie, the Volkswagen Golf R, which also shoots fast out of the gate and comes with a turbo. 

If you’re into Germans (wink).