Meet Christian Mottola, Mr. Bear Rome 2024

Christian Mottola was elected Mr. Bear Rome 2024 at Roman Bear Week back in January where he strutted his stuff to the very enthusiastic crowd gathered at Company Club Roma for the occasion.

If he looks familiar to you, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This handsome ambassador for the Roman bear community has also been featured on Drag Race Italia Season 2 as a member of the Pit Crew!

We sit down with Christian to find out about his experiences competing and what the bear scene in Rome is really like.

BWM: Can you tell us a little about your background? Including name, where you are from and current city of residence?

Christian Mottola (CM): My name is Christian Albawab Mottola, I was born and raised in Rome, but I am half Egyptian and half Italian, from Benevento, a city near Naples.

I am 41 years old. My partner and I have been living together for 17 years and in a civil union since 2016. I work in the automotive world and on weekends I am a gogo bear in Italian clubs such as the Company Club in Rome and Milan.

 BWM: What attracted you to the bear community?

CM: I have always been attracted to the bear community even though I am not physically the classic bear prototype.

However, this did not stop me from getting to know this community better because in any case I always felt like a bear… maybe I’m a little bear!

BWM: What inspired you to compete for the title? And when was it?

CM: I wanted to compete for the title because I wanted those who aesthetically do not 100% embody the classic bear type – you know, larger build, bald head and plaid wearing –  to be represented in the community here too.

The competition took place during  Roman bear week from January 4-7, 2024 at the Company Club in Rome.

BWM: How was your experience? What was the process like?

CM: The competition was structured into three rounds, one casual, one in costume and one in underwear/jockstrap, all seasoned with questions asked by a selected jury who tested our knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and in particular the bear community.

It was a wonderful experience that I would do again and that I recommend it to everyone, both for getting involved and for what it gives back you – new friendships and the opportunity to perform to the rhythm of music!

BWM: Can you tell us some details about the bear community in Rome? Where do bears hang out? What are your favorite bear bars and club nights?

CM: The Roman bear community is like a big family, everyone knows each other more or less, and you are always made to feel at ease. Even those who are not bears are welcome.

The club par excellence in Rome is the Company Club, with its weekend evening entertainment starting on Thursday with karaoke, then Friday parties such as The Liar or Furry Fridays, the big club party on Saturday with House Of Bears and finishing on Sunday with cocktails and drag show.

The Company Club is a ‘must-see’ for bears when you are in the Italian capital.

BWM: Is there a big bear scene in the Rome region? What do you want Bear World readers to know about your bear community?

CM: In Rome, the Company Club is the home of the bears, where Claudio and Romolo are wonderful hosts.

I advise Bear World readers to come and see the beauties of Rome during the day, and in the evening to have fun and get to know the Roman bears, and maybe they will find me on stage dancing with the Mister Bear Roma headband!

June 15th is Rome Pride and in the evening at the Company Club there will be a big party where I will be ready to entertain, welcome and dance with all the bears and their friends.

I’ll be wait for you!

BWM: What are your goals for your title year? Will you be attending any more bear events?

CM: The main objective is to spread bear culture and make our community known throughout Italy and abroad if possible.

Attend other bear events? I’d love to! It’s a way to meet new people and experience new places and new clubs.

BWM: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

CM: I wanted to thank the Company Club, Claudio, Romolo, and all the staff for how they always make me feel like I’m at home every time I’m there and I wanted to thank the judges and attendees who voted for me in January 2024, allowing me to become the new Mister Bear Roma!

Be sure to follow Christian Mottola, Mr. Bear Rome 2024 on Instagram.

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