#MarchYourButt to raise awareness about colorectal cancer!

Ass, ass, ass, ASS EVERYWHERE! I mean, all you have to do is go to Instagram and you’ll see how much we gays love to show our booties… For obvious reasons. But, what if we told you that showing off your peachy side could help fight colorectal cancer?

I mean, sure thinking about colorectal cancer isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you see a nice butt. But, it’s definitely something we should be thinking about at least some of the time – especially for gay and bisexual men and those living with HIV, who can be at more risk for developing colorectal issues.

March, along with being Bisexual Health Month and Women’s History Month, is also Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is a cancer that “starts in the colon or the rectum. These cancers can also be called colon cancer or rectal cancer, depending on where they start”, and are often grouped together with the term “colorectal cancer” because they have much in common.

An estimated 900,000 people worldwide died from colorectal cancer in 2020. That number is huge, and it says that we have a lot of work to do in promoting things like regular screenings and early detection and treatment. In an effort to bring more awareness to the cause, the non-profit organization Cheeky Charity has started the #MarchYourButts campaign. The hope is that this sexy, flirty and unorthodox approach will generate more awareness around colorectal cancers.

According to Plus Magazine, the peachy campaign is encouraging folks to bare their butts for the cause, and then share their sexy booty pics on social media with the hashtag #marchyourbutt. Cheeky Charity is hoping your booties will call awareness to change. “Our butts have been taboo for too long!” proclaims their website.

There are definitely some very sexy photos showing up as part of the campaign, but it’s not as salacious as it seems since the charity also provides you with a cute heart-shaped peach butt logo to cover your booty up with. Cheeky Charity also has an easy-to-use photo editor on their site to place the logo over your pic, so no need for any Photoshop skills. And, if you’re not shy, you can make the logo as small as you want to… You know, to show off as much as you can without going TOO far.

Plus tells us that travel butt blogger Jeff Perla (@TheTravelinBum) has partnered with Cheeky Charity for the campaign, as well as Drag Race season 12 alum Jackie Cox and other notable influencers and celebs. Perla has built a brand around photographing beautiful butts in beautiful places around the world, and describes the experience of baring it as “liberating.”

“I think everyone has been self-conscious about their body at some point in their life,” he says to Plus Magazine. “It’s natural to feel nervous about showing off your body to the public. I think people will feel a sense of relief seeing the positivity that comes with showing it off!”

He then adds: “My butt started a whole new career path for me! So, I have grown to have a deep appreciation for my butt.”

Jackie Cox told Plus that the campaign “is hugely important to me personally.”

“Colorectal cancer rates have been increasing, especially in younger people and in those who engage in anal sex. As someone who is both sex positive and health conscious, what better reason to raise awareness, encourage early screenings and detection, and support my community?”

And yes, Jackie showed off that booty as well! “I hope people enjoy seeing it,” she shared. “I love being cheeky anyway, so why not do it for a great cause?”

So, how do you get the perfect booty pic? Well, Perla also offered some advice for that.

“After taking butt photos for the past 5 years I’ve noticed that a mid-to-lower angle will give your butt the volume you’re looking for,” he says. “As for lighting, make sure the light is shining on you and you are not back-lit.”

For more about the campaign, to find the booty photo editor and prewritten text for your social media posts, and to find other useful info, links, and resources about colorectal cancer, visit

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