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MAGNANIMOUS – The Homoerotic Bear Short Film

Last year we covered a sensual and hot video called MASS: C19H28O2, the first in a trilogy of hot and homoerotic videos. The second video in the MADIDUS trilogy is called MAGNANIMOUS and you can watch it below. 

The MADIDUS trilogy are short films that study the connections and physical attraction between men through body language. MAGNANIMOUS is the second instalment. It explores emotions through physical contact. Like MASS: C19H28O2 (the first in the trilogy) MAGNANIMOUS has no dialogue and features hot bearish and hairy men. It’s abstract, sexy and weird.

The imagery is homoerotic, with a mixture of fantasies and experiences. The elements are set in a surreal world with cloudy dark atmosphere and godlike manly characters. 

Video creator Sam Hendi (source: Facebook)

The series of videos are created by a UK based bear, Sam Hendi. Sam Hendi is a creative producer and an all-round filmmaker covering practical skills in all aspects of video production including producing, directing, editing, visual effects and cinematography. He has a degree in Contemporary Media Practice and a vast list of screenings and awards to his credit. Several of his short films have competed in film festivals worldwide including the US, Denmark, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil and the UK. Sam also specialises in creative forms of video such as abstract video-art, atmospheric short films and videos for backdrops and exhibitions. These videos showcase imaginative storytelling, visual effects and cinematic flare. Sam has also worked on a number of music videos for upcoming artists in the music scene, ranging in a variety of music styles and themes.


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3 thoughts on “MAGNANIMOUS – The Homoerotic Bear Short Film

  • A gorgeous film, erotic, powerful. SPOILER: But whoever thought the needle moment needed to be there? Completely changes the mood for me if I know sharp objects are included in sensual massage and erotic men. Some men may be turned on by this moment of pain, but that was not me.

  • Awesome short film, HOT!! I was excited but the needle part could be left out.

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