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LGBTQ+ singer Paul Middleton releases new album

New single, “Dancing with a Stranger” to bring the album to over half a million streams on Spotify! 

LGBTQ+ Pop singer Paul Middleton has officially released his brand-new album, Covers 4, with the lead single “Dancing with a Stranger”. Middleton was inspired by “Dancing with a Stranger’s” lyrics and the connection to mental health it has.

“Most of the songs on Covers 4 link to a moment in life, in particular, mental health,” Middleton said.” “So, it is to keep the discussion about mental health, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, alive.” 

As a long-time mental health advocate, Middleton covers songs that relate to personal experiences and stories. The singer chooses songs that have meaning to his life and each song has a link to a past moment.

“I chose to cover Sam Smith and Normani’s powerful song “Dancing with a Stranger” because I looked at the lyric ‘stranger’ and it reminded me of when I was low. I didn’t recognise myself, my feelings felt like a stranger. The song for me is a battle with myself  after a previous setback,” Middleton explained. 

“Looking back on how unfamiliar those feelings were, I had to confront and deal with the negative emotions that were caused. It was essentially depression I had to overcome.”

With nearly half a million Spotify streams for Covers 4, the success of Middleton has been down to his ability to woo fans with his soothing vocals. Middleton’s cover of “We Found Love” (originally sung by Rihanna) was placed on a Spotify Editorial playlist and featured next to legendary singers such as Whitney Houston and Kygo.

Middleton’s cover songs provide hope, happiness, and honesty to listeners. Covers 4 is for music fans that love pop songs and enjoy listening to new versions of hit tracks. 

Middleton’s Covers 4 album can be streamed on Spotify along with the single for “Dancing with a Stranger”. Fans can also visit musicfor.paulmmusic.com/dancingwithastranger to listen to the single.

The special 20 track ‘Deluxe’ version of Covers 4 can be found at paulmiddleton.bandcamp.com/merch, along with his sexy 2022 Calendar. 

For more information on Paul Middleton, please visit www.paulmmusic.com.
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