LGBTQ bars around the world that are reopening

As more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine and society slowly begins to open up again, some of our favorite LGBTQ bars around the world have started to open up as well.

We will be maintaining this live list of notable LGBTQ bars around the world that either have already opened, or will soon be opening!

When you feel safe to, please get out there and give them your support to help with their recovery.

If you want to tell us about your favorite bar that has opened, please do so in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

New York, New York

Rockbar is now open with indoor seated service. In keeping in line with New York’s capacity limits, they are currently operating at 50% capacity and closing at midnight. But New York will be increasing capacity to 75% on Friday, May7, and is planning for a full re-opening on July 1! 

New York, New York

Ty’s opened Saturday, May 1. They are also operating at 50% capacity and closing at midnight, and will be increasing it to 75% capacity on May 7!

The Stonewall Inn
New York, New York

The legendary Stonewall Inn is open, and has been hosting drag shows throughout the month of April! Like all NYC bars and restaurants, they are also keeping the 50 capacity rules, and anticipating an increase to 75% on May 7 and a full re-opening on July 1!

Eagle NYC 
New York, New York 

Now open Wednesday through Sunday from 5pm to midnight. They are also keeping the 50% capacity until May 7. 

The Kings Arms
London, United Kingdom

The Kings Arms in the London district of Soho will be reopening its doors on May 17, when pubs and restaurants in the city of London are allowed to reopen! We are so happy to hear this, as it was rumored for a while that they wouldn’t be reopening. The Kings Arms is so important to the London bear scene, so it ain’t going anywhere! 

The Admiral Duncan 
London, United Kingdom 

The Admiral Duncan has announced that they will be reopening its doors on May 17 as well. This is another one that was rumored not to return, so we are very happy to see that’s not the case. The Admiral Duncan is legendary!

Roscoe’s Tavern 
Chicago, Illinois

Roscoe’s Tavern is now open and still adhering to mask-wearing and social distancing procedures. They also appear to be having Drag Race watch nights!

Cafe Lafitte in Exile 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Cafe Lafitte in Exile, along with most of the bars in New Orleans, has re-opened as of April 23. They are operating at full capacity, but masks and social distancing are still being enforced. However, all bars are required to stop serving at 1:00 a.m., so get there early!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Like Cafe Laffite in Exile, Oz has also been open since April 23. However, don’t forget your mask and get there early! 

The Bourbon Pub and Parade
New Orleans, Louisiana

Another legendary New Orleans bar that has been open since April 23. I also hear that dancing is prohibited in New Orleans bar. It’s going to be hard to keep New Orleans people from moving. After all, it’s the home of the “twerk”! 

Crush Bar
Portland, Oregon

Voted Portland’s Best Bar for six years in a row, it’s definitely exciting to know that this “everybody is welcome” spot is now open with outdoor seating! 

Eagle Wilton Manors
Wilton Manor, Florida

The Eagle Wilton Manors is open for business.. And so are the bears! 

Seattle, Washington

Diesel in Seattle seems to be making it clear on social media that they are open 7 days a week until midnight! 

PLEASE NOTE: The list will be continuously updating. As we receive news about more LGBTQ bars opening around the world, we will update the list accordingly. Please continue to check for updates.

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