Lexus RZ: Electric, Smooth, Ready to Go

If you are all-in on EVs and want a fast, smooth sedan / sports car, might I interest you in the 2024 Lexus RZ?

The RZ snuggles between the NX and the RX in the Lexus SUV lineup, so this is still a bit of squeeze for us Big Bears when you hop in. But, wow, it is a smooth, Easy Breezy George and Wheezy kind of car to drive.  

If you like to take it nice and easy and enjoy the ride in luxury with just you and your husband / bestie, this could be your ride. 

Technically an SUV, the Lexus RZ, which debut in 2023, drives like a gasoline-powered vehicle but it is all-electric. And in essence, it operates and thinks like it is petrol-powered. 

To be sure, the elegance and smoothness of this Lexus is ever-present. Truly, it is as smooth as your first bellini of the morning. 

But first and foremost, before you start shopping, make sure you really want an EV (electric vehicle).  IMHO the infrastructure for EVs still isn’t quite there yet, even if you have a garage in which to charge it every night. 

Yet with the RZ (which is slightly smaller than the Lexus RX by about 4 inches), you will barely notice the difference in size.  Again, this was truly one of the smoothest cars I have ever driven.  It was like driving a limousine. A rolling living room.  A Bear lounge act where they were all wearing silk tuxedos if you will.

New for 2024 is the 300e trim, with an estimated range of about 266 miles (Front-Wheel Drive is standard here). 

The backseats can get a little pinched, but cargo room is impressive. There’s almost 35 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats, and about 56 cubic feet if you want to fold the rear seats down to fit even more Bear Gear inside. 

I tested the higher-end 450e trim, which comes with All-Wheel Drive.  All that extra ‘stuff’ translates into a shorter charge range of about 220 miles. 

I am all for saving the environment, but when it comes to purchasing an EV, caution is advised.  It’s an investment, and the initial and future costs go beyond driving it off the lot.  Or waiting for it to be delivered.

As with any purchase that will be long-term, make sure you can afford it, financially and otherwise. 

The last thing you need is to have that thrill of joy deflate shortly after the monthly payments start hitting your bank account(s).

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