Last Call: 2023 Mercedes GLC 300 Has Room, Style & Value (Yes, Value)

If you need something nice and classy for your boyfriend, husband, or new love this holiday season, the 2023 Mercedes GLC 300 SUV would be the perfect gift.  Seriously, I can’t imagine him not loving it, unless, of course, you are only making the down payment for him.

Based on the Mercedes C-Class sedan and platform, the GLC (gotta love all those letters) has been around since 2016 and has been a best-seller for those who want a luxury SUV that is not a tank but does have plenty of room inside for people who aren’t Frozen-thin and who don’t travel like they want to avoid paying baggage fees. 

There is indeed plenty of room inside the 2023 GLC 300.  A few weeks ago, I took it up to Breckenridge, Colorado, for a few days of fun in the snow and cold (really, it wasn’t that cold) and with the All-Wheel Drive and Performance Handling, it was a great ride.  

Prices start at just over $47K US, which is rather low, seriously, for a luxury car that comes with all kinds of stuff that this one has: power liftgate, power front seats, power steering wheel, power folding mirrors, a touchscreen that is almost one-foot, faux leather upholstery that breathes better than a real cow, forward collision mitigation, blind-spot warning, automated parking….. 

The GLC is popular because it drives well all the way around.  This is the second generation of the model and the driving experience is truly superior, even on challenging roads. Comfort is king, no doubt. Here, you do get what you pay for, yet….

One slight frustration for me was the operating system and the lack of buttons and reliance voice commands, screen and other things that fall into the general category of 20th Century technology. 

I found myself having to be careful of what I touched, as the slightest mis-touch (as Bears, we know that feeling) could send me to another menu or misadventure and, well, I just had to be careful.  All the new cars want you to now have conversations with your car and thus have removed so many physical buttons.  Here, I think Mercedes takes it to an extreme. Yet, I adjusted.

Still, I really do like the 2023 GLC 300.  Mercedes has had a banner year with their cars and 2024 looks good as well. 

Here’s hoping 2024 will look good as well for Bears everywhere. 

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