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Last Call: 2021 Lexus LS500 is what you really want under the tree!

Got a spare $76,000 US lying around in bank accounts throughout the world?

Our final venture into the 2021 models is the ultra-luxurious Lexus LS500, the flagship (of sorts) sedan for the Lexus brand that really sets the standard for how you get around town in style when going from brunch to tea dance to beer bust to high-class dinner to see your parents about upping your allowance next year so you can tackle inflation while cruising around the world with the rest of the ursine jet set.

To call the LS 500 refined is to understate your case. This is really not the car you want to drive if you want to go out and let it rip.  Rather, you can hear Frankie Vivaldi and The Four Seasons (chuckle) being played by a very fine string quartet as you step into the car – sorta like what you would hear on Downton Abbey.

The interior is nothing short of chic (as in Chic, who sang Le Freak – help me here, I’m outta my league too). The materials are well-appointed, elegant, comfortable… you do not want to be taking your Nachos Navidad from Taco Johns into this limo. says that this car is “library-quiet at highway speeds”.  Gosh, that’s, well, pretty quiet, and indeed, it is. Driving along even on a crazy-arse boulevard, you barely hear a thing when you have the windows all the way up. I barely heard the cops trying to pull over the guy in front of me. 

And the interior design of this car: Wow! Wowwie! It’s an eye-catcher, no matter you how slice it (please don’t cut anything when inside).  All the bears will love this car, all the way around.

Curb weight is 2½ tons, and that means you can roll over broken curbs, little stuff on the road and a lotta little…. Please be careful.  The elegance can be distracting.

A 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 will give you 416 horses, but to be honest, it’s kinda lost on this big beauty, because you really don’t want to race it. You want to just cruise along in this rolling lavender bubble bath.  I mean, at this price, you really want to take care of it.  

Mileage is 18 city / 29 highway.  Not bad at all. 

Lexus still uses a track pad for the navigation and infotainment, which is, well…….

For those Bears where dropping this kind of holiday money is nothing (especially if you are need of an end-of-year tax deduction), I say, hey, check out the 2021 Lexus LS500. It’s a nice car.

Normally, models at the end of the year are being discounted from every angle.  Not this year.  December 2021 is like no other December.

Thanks, Omicron.  And Happy Holidays.