Kyle Motsinger Releases New Ballad for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

As we all know, mental health concerns affect everyone, but those issues are sometimes disproportionately felt amongst queer people and the bear community in particular due to societal stigma around not only queerness but body shapes and sizes. NYC-based indie singer/songwriter and bear musician Kyle Motsinger has just released an emotional single entitled “down down down” which addresses some of these issues in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

“down down down” is the second single from Kyle’s upcoming third album. The song is recorded, mixed, and mastered by M.P. Kuo. The band features Zachary Eldridge (drums), Chris Bonner (bass), and Adam Stoler (guitars). Janey Choi, Conrad Harris, Mark Kosmala, and Joel Lambdin perform a string arrangement by Mark Hartman. 

The lyrics of the song encourage people to check in on their friends who seem the happiest and most put together which is sage advice considering that a staggering 21 million or 8.3% of adults in the US are reportedly battling depression according to the National Institute of Mental Health. It is a pattern seen time and again where seemingly jolly people are the ones suffering the most and in silence. Think Robin Williams or Chris Farley. It’s a powerful and salient message in these dark, confusing times we are all facing.

And while this particular ballad is serious in message and tone, in general, Kyle Motsinger is a musician who “transcends the barriers of genre and style, showcasing versatility and undeniable talent”(BuzzMusic LA). He released his debut album, “Far Away,” in 2017 and has gone on to release several stand-alone singles including “Dark Shadows.” The gothic 60’s soap opera provided the inspiration for the song and the music video featured original series star Kathryn Leigh Scott.

Kyle will be premiering “down down down” and other tracks from his upcoming album “Dangerously Uncool” at Green Room 42 in New York City on May 31st at 9:30pm (tickets here) and is scheduled to play solo shows at The Red Room in Provincetown, MA this summer.

Single Art by James Falciano

For more information check out Kyle Motsinger’s official website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to “down down down” HERE.

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