KStraps – Hot fetish wear in bear sizes!

Fetish wear is usually something not easily accessible for bears in plus sizes, but one of our favorite brands that does fetish wear for bears is KStraps.

We had a chance to speak to the owner and designer Kip Silva about his amazing products. 

Hi Kip, let’s kick off with you introducing yourself to our readers.

Hi there! My name is Kip Silva and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  I started drawing at the age of five and fell in love with comic books in high school which led to my pursuit of illustration and my love for fashion design.  I attended both The Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design. I’m a vegetarian and am now living in the Bronx with my cat named Simone.

What gave you the idea to start KStraps?

After many years of designing primarily for women, I wanted to finally do something for men. There was a big demand from guys in the bear community wanting sexy fetish wear that fit them. So, I started working on a fetish line for a market that for the most part had been ignored by the many fetish gear designers, the bear community!  And so, the brand known as KStraps was born!

What inspires you and your products?

Music, food, sex and being able to bring a little fantasy & fetish to everyone’s life!

We understand your products are vegan leather, what is so important about using faux leather?

Loving so many amazing designs from the leather community, I wanted to find a material that helped communicate who I am including while maintaining my identity as a vegetarian. As it turned out, I would also offer consumers a fabric alternative at a more affordable price point.

It’s great that your design or bears of all sizes when a lot of brands don’t, what are the challenges of designer for bigger guys?

I’ve experienced more accomplishments than barriers when designing for bigger guys, but if there was a challenge I’d say it would be convincing bears of any size that they can feel sexy in their skin and wear whatever they want, and I like to think that KStraps represents that.

Why was it important to you to have your products available in bigger sizes?

Going back to feeling sexy in the skin that you are in, I found that the bear community was lacking and being ignored by companies that would stop at a certain sizes. So, I wanted to provide sexy fetish gear that starts at size 32 and goes up from there.

What’s next for KStraps?

Looking forward to having my first bear/big boy fashion show with party promoters Matty B & J.Rios of the Soaked parties at Rockbar. Every model with a 32 inch waist and more welcome!!

Where can readers find out more about KStraps?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook or see me in person with my pop-up table at every Purgatory party & the Soaked parties, both at Rockbar NYC. 

BWM Staff

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