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Join the Norway Bears for Spring Beark!

Attention Bears! Den Norsk Bamseklubben, otherwise known as the Norway Bears, are excited to invite you to Oslo Bear Weekend: Spring Beark! this upcoming May 3rd through 5th and we have all the details!.

While the Norway Bears have put on events before, Spring Beark! Will be unique for Oslo, and in a larger respect Norway since this is their first bear run type of weekend event. They hope to make this an annual international destination for bears and bear lovers alike and have a full weekend of fur-tastic events planned to kick it off. This is an opportunity for people from all over the world to come experience Norway at the tail end of their infamously long winter, right at the beginning of the Norwegian Spring, when everyone starts to emerge from their dens to enjoy the bright sunshine and beautiful landscapes.

Oslo Bear Weekend will offer attendees a variety of activities to enjoy themselves such as the Saturday sauna social which will overlook the breathtaking Oslo Fjord. This is an event that is currently only available with a weekend passes (currently on sale at The weekend passes provide a small overall discount as well as a souvenir wristband.

On Friday, Norway’s very own bear rapper, Big Daddy Karsten, will be performing a small selection of songs at the ‘Bears Gone Wild’ event, as well as hosting the wet t-shirt contest where volunteers can show off their wet furry bellies for a chance to win prizes. Members of the Norway bears will also be on hand to welcome all their new friends at a Meet and Greet mixer taking place at a reserved outdoor section of the city’s central station, right next to the famous Oslo tiger statue.

On Saturday evening they’ll be taking over the local fetish venue, SLM Oslo, for a sexy Spring Bear Cave event and finishing the weekend with a big pizza drag brunch at Sunday’s Pizzapalooza!

Big Daddy Karsten (Photo by: Are Næsset) 

Norway Bears member and event organizer Casey Wilson tells us:

“I am proud to be a part of the team creating Oslo Bear Weekend 2024, ‘Spring Beark!’ edition. We hope to create an annual experience welcoming friends, new and old from across the globe. With unique events, plenty of time to have fun, and a little time to explore, we can’t wait for everyone to experience Oslo through the eyes, ears, and fuzz of a Norway Bear!”

So, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to their official website now for additional information and to grab your tickets now!

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