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Johnny Bigg drops Big and Tall fall collection, featuring stylish suits and blazers!

Fall is here, and Johnny’s got the jackets and suits you need! 

Need a nice fall jacket or a new suit? Well, Big and Tall brand Johnny Bigg definitely has something for you. The site is now offering 30% off Smart in selected suit styles. They have also just dropped their Fall Collection, featuring blazers, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and other items you’ll need to achieve that perfect fall style.

As big boys, we all know it’s sometimes hard to find not only clothes that fit well, but also clothes that are stylish and fashionable. At Johnny Bigg, you can definitely find both. They don’t skimp on the fashion, and with a comprehensive range in sizes from XL to 9XL Tops, 34” to 54” waist trousers, 42” – 58” suit jackets and also shoe sizes from 9 – 16, you’ll always be sure to find that perfect fit! Being affordable and fashionable is literally what Johnny Bigg is all about. 

Established in 2014, Johnny Bigg was created with the big and tall guy in mind. Recognizing the desire that many big and tall men had to be well dressed and comfortable, Johnny Bigg provides us with a one stop shop focusing on affordable, relevant fashion and footwear for the everyday guy, never compromising on quality, style or fit. Not to be forgotten, their tall range builds additional length in garments for the tall guy, making allowances for extra height.

Launching initially with an online store, they have since opened +70 doors across Australia and New Zealand. Last year, they opened the American branch of the online store. Soon the whole world will know what Johnny Bigg is all about! 

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