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Jack Dixon to Appear at 3 Rivers Bear Run

We chat with adult performer and mega-daddy Jack Dixon about his upcoming appearance at the Three Rivers Bear Run.

The first annual Three Rivers Bear Run (3RBR) from the Fort Pitt Bears is just around the corner. Taking place from August 4th through 6th, 3RBR will feature a Blackout Foam Party, bar nights and of course the 3 Rivers Bear Contest.

The Fort Pitt Bears wanted to come out strong with their new bear event and so they secured a special guest for the weekend who is none other than the super sexy and furry porn god Jack Dixon! WOOF!

We sat down with Jack to find out what he’ll doing at the Three Rivers Bear Run, life as a pornstar and just how he got that magnificent beard!

Photo Credit: Sam Waxman

John Hernandez: Hey Jack! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. What part will you play in the 3 Rivers Bear Run as their guest of honor?

Jack Dixon: I’m going to be attending the events throughout the weekend and I’ll be co-hosting\emceeing the Saturday night competition to see who is awarded Mr. 3RBR.

John H:  A lot of bears sometimes feel self-conscious at bear runs, especially around someone as attractive as you are! How would you encourage the guys at 3RBR to overcome their shyness and come say hello to you?

Jack Dixon: I say just do it! And practice contrary action. I know certain things, people or situations can seem intimidating to me, but I just walk through it at some point. I think with that approach situations like that become a bit easier to maneuver through, just doing and not getting stuck in my head about the possible outcomes. 

John H: Very sound advice. You heard it here first boys! Now, do you identify as part of the bear community Jack?  

Jack Dixon: Honestly, I’ve always lived in the gay parts of major cities as an adult (Atlanta, Seattle, SF and now Palm Springs) but I’ve never felt part or identified myself with one of the sub communities of modern-day culture. I’m a bit of an introvert and my friends group runs the gamut of types and sexuality.

Having said that, overall, I find the bear community to be friendly and supportive, low key and accepting. I’ve attended bear week in Provincetown for the last 4 out of 5 years, mostly because if I’m going to be with a group of gay men, I want it to feel friendly and inclusive. I think the bear community mostly encompasses this.

John H. I agree! And I’m glad you feel good in the company of bears. Shifting focus- I have to say, your beard is immaculate! What is your secret?!

Jack Dixon: Thank you! I grew it myself! (Laughs) There really is no secret other than luck of the draw with genetics. I use very minimal product and go see a barber (Nils Griffin in SF) every few weeks.

John H: I’ll have to look them up next time I’m in town! Now, you’ve worked with some of the biggest porn studios around, was there ever any issue about keeping your body hair?

Jack Dixon: (Laughs) No, nobody has ever asked me to trim or shave and I know some guys do but to be honest, if that was the requirement for the scene, I don’t think I would do it. I don’t even shave my balls!

John H: Me neither! And good for you! I’ve always had a fascination with the adult industry personally and wanted to ask you what is the biggest misconception people tend to have about adult performers?

Jack Dixon: Gosh, I could go on extensively about this, but I think one of the biggest is that sometimes gay men forget that porn is entertainment, and we are playing a role, just like an actor in a movie. Is there some truth and mirroring of reality to that persona? Of course. But at the end of the day, it is a persona and not who I am as a person.

Photo Credit: Matt Spike

John H: Yes, I can imagine people blur the lines between reality and fantasy a lot. And finally, what is your favorite part of a man’s body?

Jack Dixon: There are too many favorite parts! Can I just list most of the entire body? I love thick meaty hands and I love when a guy’s chest hair spills out from his collar and up his neck. I also like legs and forearms a lot too, hairy of course, and hairy toes and and and…

John H: My kinda guy! Woof!

For more information about Jack Dixon, his work, and where to find him, head on over to his official website

For more information about the Three Rivers Bear Run click here.

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