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Jack Black brings the bears to his yard with ‘WAP’ dance moves

That’s some wet ass bear tushy! Actor and comedian Jack Black showed off his furry booty this weekend in a TikTok challenge video that’s pretty popular with the bears today. 

The video shows the beary entertainer dancing to Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion’s summer megahit “WAP (Wet Ass Pussy)”, and serving the famous moves from the music video in a tight red speedo as he’s being sprayed with a water hose. Though it’s obviously supposed to be comical, I can’t help but wonder if Jack Black knew he would bring all the bears to his yard! 

Whether he was aware of it or not is beside the point — he’s serving us hot, wet Daddy bear today, and we love to see it! Speaking of seeing it, check out the video below!

Oh, and speaking of wet ass bear tushy, check out our friend Big Daddy Karsten’s special Bearmixxx version of “WAP” appropriately called “WAT (Wet Ass Tushy)”… Because it’s furry and it’s juicy! 

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