INXS founding member Andrew Farriss shares first solo concert, releases new album

Prolific Songsmith and Americana singer/songwriter Andrew Farriss recently took fans and listeners around the world on a musical journey with his first live solo concert, which is now available to be streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

The concert features the songs from Andrew’s latest EP Love Makes The World, and is the perfect introduction to his solo work. The authentic presence that Farriss brings in combination with his music sets one on the path to peace.

Each song from his latest EP tells a story; tales woven into lyrics that we will not soon forget. Love Makes the World was released in mid-2020, to bridge the gap during the pandemic.

“I recorded the live EP set to give people an idea of what I am doing musically,” says Andrew, prior to his recent album release.

“The EP set is a little more diverse than the tracks on the album, but it is a good introduction into what is coming on March 19th when we release the album. Because of the pandemic regulations we were unable to have an audience for the concert recording, but now that it is up on my Facebook and YouTube, everyone watching will become the audience for my first solo live concert. I hope you enjoy it!”

Farriss’s self-titled debut solo album was released on March 19, 2021. He had already released a few songs from the album leading up to the release, including the “Run Baby Run” music video that features a visual representation of the story on an antique train.

When it came to penning the tracks for the album, Farriss had looked within and through personal experience had written a collection of songs that bring to life stories of outlaws, freedom, cowboys, and love, and paint vivid imagery of gun-slinging bandits, Australian history and international cultural spirituality. With INXS not having any touring plans in the pipeline, and a slew of original material in his songbook, Andrew has now embarked on a solo career that sees him taking a stand in the Country-Americana genre; and this is only the beginning.

“I love writing songs and telling stories that hopefully resonate with people. I have not followed any trends or formulas creating these songs. What I have written and recorded is different. I like different, different is good.”

Andrew will be performing a number of intimate shows beginning in April 2021 to celebrate the release of his album. Tickets are on sale now for his 2021 tour.

For more information and everything Andrew Farriss, please visit www.andrewfarriss.com.

About Andrew Farriss

Andrew Farriss is a creative, versatile, award-winning artist embarking on an adventure to present his individual talents to the world. Not only did Farriss co-found the iconic INXS mentioned above, but he was also the main songwriter, played the keyboard and guitar, and sang backup vocals for the band.

His hard work has paid off as the group went on to be nominated for Grammy, Brit, MTV Music, and ARIA Awards. He alone won producer of the year at the ARIA Awards and has written songs for various albums that have gone triple platinum.

Native to Tamworth Australia, Farriss now splits his time between his home country and Nashville, Tennessee. Farriss frequents the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and makes a highly anticipated yearly appearance at Tamworth’s Country Music Festival in Australia. Nothing can stop Farriss’s creativity and this album is a roadmap of the numerous feats he has achieved.

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