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Instabear of the Week: Wayne Lawrence

Instagram: @wayne_1138

InstaBear Location: Saint Petersburg FL, USA

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Relationship status: Married/partnered and sexually non-monogamous

Favorite Drink: Whiskey & Coke or Sweet tea

Favorite Type of Guy: Redheads, Stocky guys, (furry or smooth) The ones that are humble, confident, honest about what they want and are patient enough to wait on it.

Favorite Cities/Vacation Spots: Orlando FL for the parks. Almost anywhere along the coast. Gatlinburg TN in the winter, but only to visit. London in the UK.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Spending time at the beach, cursing my 3D printers, building droids from a galaxy far, far away. Sleeping and enjoying my retirement.

What’s Your Idea of a Good Date? Watching the sun set, dinner at a beachside restaurant where shoes are optional, curling up on a couch and watching movies, Foreplay and bedroom activities,…or any combination of this list.

What do You Look for in a Guy? Confidence, maturity ( in mental capacity, not so much in age ) independence but would still let others do stuff for them. A sense of humor, even if it’s dark or twisted.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? I retired from the fire service a Training Officer and Paramedic. My life was my career, so a bit of a late bloomer to the lifestyle. When I retired I was lucky enough to find my partner, my person. We both realized life is more fun when you share it with others, in and out of the bedroom. As my partner says ” His heart belongs to me, the rest of him you can play with.”

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