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Instabear of the Week: Javier DeSantiago

Instagram: @javierdoesthings

InstaBear Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Relationship status: Single

Favorite Drink: I’m a sucker for soda pops but if we’re talking alcoholic I enjoy a nice wheaty beer.

Favorite Type of Guy: Bring on the thick fellas!

Favorite Cities/Vacation Spots: San Diego. I love some nice breezy beach weather.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime: I’ve really gotten into houseplants during the pandemic and am working on maturing leaves to large sizes. I’ve also started weightlifting to build more of a muscle bear thick body. I also enjoy my fair share of movies/tv/video games. I’m a total pop culture nerdy fella.

What’s Your Idea of a Good Date? Let’s get food and see a movie or let’s go explore the city and or see an exhibit.

What do You Look for in a Guy? A sense of humor. Kindness goes a long way and a nice cute smile will always catch my eye.

Anything Else You’d Like Our Readers to Know? Take risks and be open to explore. That’s what I’m doing now with this application for bear of the week.

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