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Instabear of the Week: BJ

Instagram: @caestus

InstaBear Location: Canada & Barbados

Pronouns: He/Him

Relationship status: Married/partnered and sexually non-monogamous

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke, Taiwanese lemon juice, Earl Grey with Lemon

Favorite Type of Guy: I am a complete moustache fetishist. Dude with a moustache always gets a second look. Cubs, daddies, bears, otters. Ideally, thicc 70s clones, cowboys, or all of the above.

Favorite Cities/Vacation Spots: Montréal, Taibei, Bangkok, Sydney, London. I need to see Berlin, Belfast, and Edinburgh.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime: I am a total nerd: Dungeons and Dragons. I like being the Dungeon Master (innuendo definitely implied).

What’s Your Idea of a Good Date? Great conversation over good food. Night market tables in East Asia; cozy pub in Northern England; pâtisserie in Montréal. And then the sodomy.

What do You Look for in a Guy? Intelligence, wit, interesting conversation, foreskin and a moustache.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? I seem grumpy, and I probably am, but I can be charming. If you like the surly ones, I’m a catch.

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