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Instabear of the Week: Andy

Instagram: @underwearbear27

InstaBear Location: North Brunswick, NJ

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Relationship status: Married/ Partnered but sexually non-monogamous

Favorite Drink: Diet Dr Pepper, or if you meant adult, vodka martinis/bourbon/red wine.

Favorite Type of Guy: I enjoy someone I can find some things in common with. Confident but not arrogant, self humility is important. I have a weakness for black hair and blue eyes and scruff.

Favorite Cities/Vacation Spots: Provincetown, MA

Favorite Hobby or Pastime: I teach line-dancing!

What’s Your Idea of a Good Date? Drinks out, and then dinner. If you’re in a small town, somewhere you can walk and pop in individual shops. No movies, we’d need to converse more than that would allow. Now a barcade could be fun.

What do You Look for in a Guy? Sense of humor… a face I find adorable… If they return their shopping carts…

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers? I’ve met some fun people via Instagram and made some connections that have grown to actual friendships. It’s helped me come out of my shell, love my body more than I have in past.

There are so many hot Bears to look at on Instagram! Because of this, Bear World Magazine has decided to highlight some of our favorite Bears every week.

We celebrate Bears of all races, ethnicities, sizes, types, ages, genders and abilities. If YOU would like to be the next InstaBear of the Week, make sure to follow us on Instagram @bearworldmag, and fill out the APPLICATION FORM HERE.

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