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Ineos Grenadier 4×4 to premiere in 2023 — Here’s a sneak peek!

Soon there will be a brand-new big boy in the luxury world of off-road SUVs – only it won’t be luxurious. But it will be able to take you boldly to where, perhaps, few men have boldly gone before now.  In a somewhat luxury SUV. You’ve heard of the Ineos Grenadier National Cycling Team from Manchester, England. Now there will be a tough-as-nails SUV to go along for the ride.

Ineos is a car company you may not know about. Yet. 

And its flagship Grenadier, much like the 17th Century’s largest and strongest battle soldier armed with grenades (and currently the car company’s only vehicle in production) is the vehicle they hope will put them on the world map.

The thinking behind the Grenadier is that big, luxury SUVs currently on the market have become too luxurious.  That they have lost their way.  They are afraid to play in the mud.  They are afraid to get dirtyAnd they have lost their sense of purpose. (Think Land Rover and Range Rover.) 

“There have been many temptations along the way to indulge in design ‘frills’, curvaceous corners, and fancy electronic gadgets,” according to the Ineos big cheeses (one of them is even a ‘Sir’, like Elton John and Sting).

The boys (and the money) behind the Grenadier have been working on this for four years and having been taking the prototype (as seen here) on the road here in North America. As you can see, it does fill the room, standing almost seven feet tall and clearly making an entrance (if it were moving).

I got a chance to preview it last month and I must say, it’s impressive. There is some luxury there but you really don’t want to get behind the wheel unless you want to do some serious off-roading. And get dirty, like you did with your Tonka Trucks. And Bear bros.

Indeed, Ineos is not going this alone.  They are in partnership with many car companies around the world. The engine is from BMW (3.0-liter, inline-6).  ZF strengthens transmissions. Bespoke tires are by Bridgestone. Like many smart people, they are not reinventing the wheel.

Depending on your needs, you will be able to get optional safari windows, roof access ladder, exterior utility belt and other goodies. You will even be able to hose down the interior and not have a worry, much like a fun night after or during a Bear Party.

Ineos promises the Grenadier will be priced well below $100K US — probably about $75K. 

“We have done our best to be restrained and instead have focused our energies on the rugged chassis, the finest gearbox, an engine with real torque and power.”

To be honest, this is an exciting car.  Anytime time there is a new entrant to the automotive world – especially something that really could make a go of it – why not?

More excitement awaits, they promise as they truly go around the world building excitement. Some A-Listers have already gotten a chance to drive it, but alas, I was not one of the A-Listers. Once I make that Bear A-List, I will let you know.

A question for the ages: What is a Bear A-Lister? And how long does it go before you have to plug it in and charge it again?