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How to protect your beard when wearing a mask

Since we are still in the clutches of COVID-19 and everyone is still attempting to adjust to the “new normal”, I thought I would check in with some helpful tips for caring for your masked beards!

There are plenty of challenges being faced in our day-to-day lives during these times. One challenge we face is having to wear a mask every time we step out. Yes, it is absolutely necessary to protect ourselves in the pandemic, however the struggle of remembering to cover your face every time you leave the house is still indeed real. I have a longer beard, so I must remember to use a large mask, and a “shield “ with bobby pins to secure it to my liking. 

One of the biggest problems for bearded men is that masks sometimes don’t fit properly. Ill-fitting masks not only allow us to breathe in germs, but a layer of hair underneath the mask can sometimes get very messy, which can also cause skin problems. 

Wearing a mask can be tough on a beard, so here’s a list of tips to help protect your beard when wearing a mask.

Dry Your Beard 

If you have a dense or long beard, make sure you dry your beard properly, as the dampness caused due to the mask can make the skin itchy and even cause beard dandruff.

Wash Your Mask 

Always wash your mask after wearing, as it can cause acne and skin rashes. Don’t forget to clean your beard and apply a good SPF lotion before wearing the mask.

Avoid Oil in the Summer

Avoid applying any oil before putting on a mask during hot and humid weather as it can vet greasy and uncomfortable.

Avoid Touching Your Beard

This is the time when you must leave the habit of running your hand through the beard because it may transfer germs and viruses near your mouth by allowing them to settle on the beard. Combing your beard is also important to keep them untangled & doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Use Breathable Cotton Masks When Possible 

Use a breathable cotton mask for a comfortable go. Some prefer disposable masks and later dispose of them properly after use because they are light to handle by the beards. Let your beards breathe to avoid any irritation.

Moisturize Your Beard and Skin

Keep your beard, as well as your skin, moisturized, as excessive dryness can also cause problems. Even if you decide to shave, your skin will need extra attention. Cleanse and moisturize your face before wearing a mask and exfoliate and soothe it after removing the mask.

Use a Mild Cleanser

If you have pre-existing skin allergies or infections then you should use a mild cleanser to keep your beard moisturized and clean. Don’t forget to clean your mask every time you wear it.

These days, we cannot step out of our houses without wearing a mask. Because of this, it has also become our responsibility to keep the beard protected. 

For some, shaving their beard off is still the best option to keep them safe right now — but it’s the last option in my book! I’ve resourced several arenas for these tips, so utilize what works best for you and your beard length!

As always… Stay bold, stay bearded, and stay YOU!

Shane Michael

Shane Michael, from Delaware county PA, is the youngest of three sons, and a twin. He has worked for over 20 years in retail management, and 2008 decided to follow his bliss and head to cosmetology school, receiving award in Salon Business, Productivity, & Leadership. Though his work in salons and membership of the bear community, he began to search for a beard line that could be used by men of all ethnic backgrounds and beard textures. Not finding one that he felt was quite right he decided to create his own and Bear Essential was born.