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Hot Pride Tees: ‘SAY GAY’ and ‘#AGEISMSUCKS’ T-shirts are loud and proud!

“SAY GAY” T-shirt colorfully and proudly fights “Don’t Say Gay” bills.

Etsy shop The Tee Service has introduced a colorful collection of “SAY GAY” T-shirts, totes, mugs and even throw pillows to show some love and support for LGBTQ kids, teens, parents, and teachers now, during, and after Pride season.

“Since it’s hard to find a ‘Fuck Florida and other states considering a Don’t Say Gay bill’ tee, this is the next best thing,” says The Tee Service. The “SAY GAY” T-shirts are “unisex-y” and come in 10 colors. The large tote and throw pillow come in 5 eye-popping colors.

The other great thing is that the new “SAY GAY” items are more than just mere merch — The gay-owned Tee Service is donating 100% of the profits from their “SAY GAY” merchandise to fight passed and proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bills across the U.S.

And if you’re loving the political and social message behind the “SAY GAY” tee, then maybe you’ll also like to make a statement for ageism! The Tee Service has also recently released a new line of merchandise providing battle gear for the war on ageism, with some of the profits going to fight this insidious form of discrimination.

Liberated from the confines of social media, the attention-getting hashtag #AGEISMSUCKS has hit the streets, eliciting thumbs-ups, positive comments and, yes, actual conversations about ageism with strangers and celebrities of all ages. The creation of the #AGEISMSUCKS merchandise was spurred by a fiery Instagram post in which fashion veteran Sasha Charnin Morrison, 57, called out ageism in her industry and balked at the suggestion that she needed to “be more aggressive and hustle harder.” 

It’s not ageing that sucks, it’s ageism. Besides being offensive and myopic, age bias is deeply harmful to its victims–ending careers, eclipsing quality healthcare, and negatively impacting mental and physical health. Clocking ageism is good for everyone, including Gen Z adults, who can face equally dismissive age bias in the workplace, and karmically–because attitudes will take decades to change—even those currently perpetrating ageist behavior. 

A percentage of the profits from the #AGEISMSUCKS merch will be donated to organizations fighting ageism. 

Join the ageism conversation or start your own—and let ageists know you’re on to them—by rocking an #AGEISMSUCKS T-shirt, hat, tote or mug (side-eye is up to you) available via or on Etsy at The Tee Service  

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“SAY GAY” and “#AGEISMSUCKS” merch is available at The Tee Service shop on Etsy via
This information was originally published on our sister site, Queer Forty.

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