Here are the categories for the first Bear World Magazine Awards in 2023!

That’s right we are creating an award show to honor some of the most magical bears, bear events, & bear bars we all know. As Bear World reaches 10 years old, we felt the time was right to create our very own awards with some great categories. The show will be this year a digital presentation much like the first Gayming Awards in 2021.

We are creating 10 categories, 8 of which YOU the readers will be able to vote for! They are:

Best Bear Event: This award will recognize the bear weekend or week event we all love to attend. There will be 6 nominees!

Best Bear Bar USA: There are so many bars around the USA that we love to go to, maybe for a beer blast or to see our favorite bear musician. There will be 6 nominees!

Best Bear Bar International: It’s not just the American Bears that like to go out for a drink, so we will be taking your votes for bear bars around the world – There will be 6 nominees!

Best Bear Club Night: We love a good Club Night, and there are so many to choose from. Again we will be putting up 6 nominees for you to vote for!

Best Bear Club International: Again, it’s not just our USA Bears that like to have fun! The bears around the world have some of the best club nights, and YOU will choose from 6 nominees.

Best Bear Personality: We love to see the bears that get on TV, drop hit after hit record, or maybe even they’re a Broadway star! There will be 6 gorgeous nominees for you to vote on!

Best Bear Representation in the Media: Seeing ourselves on TV or in a movie (and not just as the butt of the joke) is empowering and helps us all feel better about ourselves, vote on 6 nominees for your favorite.

Best Bear Music Artist: There are some amazing Bear music artists from all over the world. We love them all, but who is your favorite? There will be 6 nominees to choose from.

Bear World Diversity & Inclusion: The bear that receives this award, will have contributed in an amazing way to showcase the diverse bear community and will not be part of a vote, but the Editorial Team and the Founder of Bear World Mag will make a selection.

Bear World Fellowship: The Fellowship award will honor a bear that has consistently contributed and created space for bears over several years. This award is in the gift of the Founding Editor, Richard G. Jones.

So, there you have it — All ten categories of the very first Bear World Magazine Awards! We will announce the nominees for you to vote on later this year!

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Richard Jones

Richard is the Co-Founder of Gray Jones Media, the parent company of Bear World Magazine, and was the magazine's creator and editor for its first three and half years. He is busy developing the business in many other directions, but loves coming back to contribute when he can.