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Here are five of the best brain foods for Bears who need a boost

Hey Bears, have you ever left the bear cave in the morning feeing a little less than fully rested? After a night of little sleep, an energy boost is essential – whether to power through work, complete a successful gym session, or even get through a list of important errands. However, drinking too much coffee to stay alert can often result in feeling jittery, but you may think it is your only option. 

Fortunately, experts at Bed Kingdom have highlighted five brain foods to keep you energised after struggling to catch some Zs!


Avocados are packed with healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium which is responsible for preventing fatigue by giving your body energy. With approximately 14 grams of fibre, this also helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria, which is vital for your gut. Plus, it goes great with toast for breakfast for an early morning energy boost or with a bagel at lunchtime to refuel. 

Dark chocolate 

If you often crave something sweet, dark chocolate is the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth while also making you more alert. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of cacao, which is responsible for boosting your energy as well as increasing your focus – so you can count on this to keep you going throughout the day. Not to mention, it is filled with antioxidants such as magnesium which is linked to numerous health benefits, including fewer migraines and a lower risk of heart disease. 

Chia seeds 

Like dark chocolate, chia seeds are high in magnesium – and not only is this beneficial for your health, but it also fights extreme fatigue and high stress levels. As well as this, staying hydrated makes you feel more alert, and chia seeds can retain lots of water in your body to maintain this. You can consume them by blending them into a smoothie, sprinkling into yoghurt, or even mixed into a salad. 

Sweet potatoes 

Another food that has high amounts of magnesium is sweet potatoes, but they also contain lots of vitamin C. This helps transport fat into energy – as a result, this combats the feeling of sleepiness and keeps you switched on. In addition to this, sweet potatoes are a healthy carbohydrate and can be a great option for lunch if you plan on having a particularly long day and need long lasting energy, for example, if you plan on heading to the gym after work. 


Vitamin C is also high in oranges, therefore enhancing your energy – but they contain a moderate amount of natural sugar, which is converted into glucose, the brain’s best source of fuel. They contain enough sugar to give you energy quickly, but not enough to be too overpowering and make you feel tired. Even consuming orange juice instead of eating the fruit can boost your memory and mental ability for the day. 

A spokesperson from Bed Kingdom commented: “Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your health and it is recommended to aim for between 7 to 9 hours each night. However, for many, the suggested amount isn’t always possible for various reasons.

There are many scenarios such as catching up on work late at night and having to be up early again the next morning, children not sleeping well through the night or even a disturbed sleep pattern. In these instances, it is important to give your body the fuel it needs to get through the day, which can be achieved by eating the right foods, and it can be as simple as having an orange for your breakfast or having a side of sweet potatoes with your lunch.” 

SOURCE: Bed Kingdom

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