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Here are a few of our beary favorite shops and things on Etsy!

Etsy is the place where you can find almost anything: clothes, handmade gifts, art, Christmas ornaments – literally anything. If it can be made, there is a handy person or artist on Estsy who probably makes what you’re looking for. 

And bears are no exception when it comes to shopping for those special gifts, art, and trinkets. Here are a few of our beary favorite shops and things on Etsy! 

SaintDeco by SantiYago Guillermo Delgado

Earlier this year, our friend, artist SantiYago Guillermo Delgado, introduced SaintDeco, his new Etsy Shop! SantiYago draws tremendously from his own personal mythos and spirituality to create art that’s unmistakably unique to him. Now, he has taken his unique brand of art to create items for his new Etsy store, SaintDeco, which includes T-shirts, hoodies and pendants!

Take a look at SantiYago’s eye-catching creations HERE

The Naked Rugby Players Calendar

Every year, the ‘World famous’ Naked Rugby Players Calendar 2023 features beary sexy shots of Rugby Players in the Nude, for your entertainment and to help support the Balls To Cancer charity. Monty McKinnen Photography has traveled hundreds of miles around the UK to photograph the following teams: Bristol Bisons, Nottinghamshire Hurricanes, Glasgow Raptors, Northampton Outlaws, and the Newcastle Ravens. 

Check out this year’s calendar HERE

The Peachy Kings

If it features work by the legendary queer artist Tom of Finland, The Peachy Kings has it! Whether it be T-shirts, wall art, calendars, mugs or even a pool float, you can find it on Peachy Kings. 

Take a look at what they have to offer HERE

Alex Ojeda’s Gay Art Store

Mexican artist Alex Ojeda has taken some of our favorite and most beloved cartoon characters from childhood – such as X-Men, the Scooby Doo gang and even a few Disney Princes – and made them queer AF for Instagram! His interpretations include some sexy, queer, hairy Daddies, and we are definitely here for it! To make it even better, he sells prints of his work on Etsy! 

To take a look at Alex’s Etsy shop and other links, head to

A & V Art

A&V Art working hand in hand wants to reflect through their artwork a different point of view with illustrations full of humor and eroticism. They bring conventional animated characters to another level, turning fantasy into reality. Their main goal is to make you laugh and get at least two minutes of fun, because laughing is what this world needs.

To get some cool queer wall art, follow the link to the Etsy shop:

PlayVegan by Einav Hamami

PlayVegan makes colorful handmade vegan harnesses and BDSM gear. The designer, Einav Hamami, crafts all pieces carefully to order, offering a huge range of options to play with, including custom prints, color choices, special designs and custom sizes. 

Visit Einav’s PlayVegan store on Etsy.

The Artistic Mermen

The Artistic Mermen in Provincetown, the artists are Samuel Ayer and Clint Howard, who create gorgeous collections of necklaces and paintings. The colorful collections are great for a gift, or if you just want to treat yourself to something nice!

To shop, visit!

The Tee Service 

Last year, Etsy shop The Tee Service has introduced a colorful collection of “SAY GAY” T-shirts, totes, mugs and even throw pillows to show some love and support for LGBTQ kids, teens, parents, and teachers now, during, and after Pride season.

Check out their “SAY GAY” shirts today at

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