Here are 5 festive Holiday beard design ideas!

As we come to what will undoubtedly be a new holiday experience for us all, I say go into it with reflection… and a blinged out holiday styled beard!

For better or for worse, blinged out beards seem to be here to stay. Whether they’re full of Holiday ornaments, glitter or edibles, here’s a few ideas to get your own hilarious festive beard.

First, you’ll need to get a few items that to style these beards. You’ll need a scent free gel to be used as an adhesive, Bear Essential Hair Styling Cream, which can be used to style, and a mustache pomade for any heavy duty sticking. Lastly, you will need Bear Essential Hair Beard Wash to rinse everything out.

Here are some different styles to try!

Jingle Beard

Attach small bells by winding ornament wire around your beard gently, starting at the bottom and working upward in a “U” pattern to the chin. This is the best way to “Jingle all the way”! 

Abominable Snow Beard

Prep your beard with Bear Essential Hair Styling Cream, then apply gel. Next, liberally apply Cello glitter from top to the bottom for a frosty “Yukon Cornelius” look!

Merry and Bright Beard

Condition your beard as normal. Then, take battery operated holiday lights, and begin weaving them through from the top of your beard the beard to the bottom. Let the first row sit just under the top layer of your beard and be sure to end it in a place that will allow the battery pack to sit close to your shirt pocket. This, of course, will depend on the length of your beard.

Candy Cane Man Mane

This one is very simple but can only be done in a major beard! Buy your favorite flavor candy canes, or an assortment of candy canes. Condition your beard with Bear Essential Hair’s Styling Cream for hold, then gently secure the wrapped canes in your beard. Start from the top and use your judgement as this style can get a bit heavy.

Christmas Balls in the Beard!

This is my favorite! You can purchase ornament balls and wire, or purchase the balls already attached to clips for easier mounting. Use an assortment of colors and attach from top to bottom in a festive design.

Portrait of cheerful pensioner in eyewear eyeglasses smiling wearing white sweater isolated over red background

But here’s a cautionary tale for those of us with light colored beards: Before placing your balls on the beard, apply a coat of clear nail polish, and let dry. This way the colors will not stain your beard. This is a lesson I learned the hard way!

All products for these beard decorations can be purchased locally, or on Amazon, and Etsy. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be a hit on your Zoom, and work team holiday calls.

Remember to cleanse afterwards with Bear Essential Hair Beard Wash, and Styling Cream!

Have a great Holiday… and Stay Bold, Stay Bearded, and Be YOU!

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Shane Michael

Shane Michael, from Delaware county PA, is the youngest of three sons, and a twin. He has worked for over 20 years in retail management, and 2008 decided to follow his bliss and head to cosmetology school, receiving award in Salon Business, Productivity, & Leadership. Though his work in salons and membership of the bear community, he began to search for a beard line that could be used by men of all ethnic backgrounds and beard textures. Not finding one that he felt was quite right he decided to create his own and Bear Essential was born.