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Heineken Canada encourages end of ‘hustle culture’, half of Canadians report burnout

As the holidays approach, more than half of working Canadians blame the phenomenon known as “hustle culture” for their lack of work-life balance, saying they feel burnt out, according to a new survey commissioned by Heineken Canada.

Earlier this month, market researcher Maru Public Opinion surveyed employed Canadians nationwide on the impact of hustle culture, a mentality that glorifies overworking, and found that the generation of Canadians in the early stages of their careers feel its impact most strongly.

Nearly half (46 per cent) of legal drinking age respondents under the age of 35 reported that they cancel or reschedule plans due to work during the holiday season, and more than one in three (36 per cent) said they work more to make up for their time off, logging into email, messaging apps and other work-related programs during the season.

Heineken Canada launches The Closer with entrepreneur and TV personality Michele Romanow to encourage Canadian workers to log out of work and tune in to time with friends and family. (CNW Group/Heineken)

Heineken aims to challenge this status quo through a new partnership and campaign featuring entrepreneur and TV personality Michele Romanowand an innovative and engaging new device called The Closer: a high-tech bottle opener that shuts down work applications when users open a bottle of Heineken with it. Together, Heineken and Romanow are encouraging workers to log out of work and tune in to time with friends and family.

“As an entrepreneur in Canada, I’ve seen too many people burn out in the pursuit of professional goals,” said Romanow, CEO and co-founder of Clearco, the world’s largest e-commerce investor. “We can all understand the value of hard work, but too many of us undervalue the need to unwind, disconnect, and prioritize our personal lives and own wellbeing.”

The new Heineken campaign serves as a reminder to Canadians to disconnect from work and reconnect with their own wellbeing, friends and family. To support that effort, select Canadians will now be able to get their hands on their own Closer device via Heineken Canada on Instagram by tagging a friend who needs a reminder to switch off.

“In today’s digital age of ‘always on’ remote work, it’s clearly a challenge for many Canadians beginning their careers to protect their work-life balance and their wellbeing,” said Laurent Delmouly, managing director and CEO for Heineken Canada. “This holiday season, whether you work at home, in the office, or both, Heineken encourages Canadians to disconnect from the grind and connect more with friends and family.”

For more information, check out @heinekenca and #WorkResponsibly.

Heineken Logo (CNW Group/Heineken)

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