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Grapefruit Sound Lab releases new music, along with videos and behind-the-scenes footage!

New York native and award-winning Hollywood music editor Robert Cotnoir — under the moniker Grapefruit Sound Lab — has released a new single entitled “Dum Dum Gun”, featuring actor, writer, singer and award-winning audiobook narrator Sarah Naughton.

Cotnoir, as writer and producer,  describes it as a song that is “meant to bridge the divide and bring us together as friends and neighbors instead of dividing us, suspiciously as enemies.” 

“The melody for ‘Dum Dum Gun’ came to me in a dream. It was an instant ear worm that had to be dealt with. I was visualizing a medieval ‘puppet king’ being taken far too seriously by the subjects, sauntering by, only to be laughed at from behind. I also wanted, at some point, to compose something in this realm, so it seemed like I was being handed a celestial opportunity.  In my own mind, the ‘home made solfeggio’ of ‘boom boom bang, &c.’ helped the lyrics flow.” 

He adds, “In an ideal world, it will take the place alongside other classic American patriotic songs, ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’, ‘O Beautiful’, ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ and things like that. I’m calling it ‘Patriotic Music for the 21st Century’. It is written and produced in memory of so many people lost to senseless gun violence including Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, Pulse Nightclub, and so many countless others.”

In addition to “Dum Dum Gun”, Grapefruit Sound Lab will release “To Make You Mine” on July 10. Previously released were the singles “Don’t Fall For It”, featuring legendary dance and funk powerhouse vocalist Amuka, and “A Song About Freedom”, which also features Amuka and Sarah Naughton.

Inspired by the golden age that defined the 1980s and the euphoric club music that reigned throughout the 1990s, Grapefruit Sound Lab has honed an eclectic and infectious sound that pays tribute to many influences all while being refreshingly modern. 

With influences ranging from quintessential freestyle, electro, and house, to classic rock, and back again through the classical repertoire, Cotnoir has seamlessly honed a sound that is at once both comforting and familiar, all while being undoubtedly of the times. The songwriting is pensive, self-referential and philosophical with themes about pleasure seeking, wandering souls, loss, pride, jealousy, redemption, salvation, and the struggle between faith and fact, spirit and mind, good and evil. 

Look out for the release of the full length Grapefruit Sound Lab album Eight Days Across America on vinyl! 

For more information, visit grapefruitsoundlab.com, and follow Grapefruit Sound Lab on Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Watch the official music videos for “Dum Dum Gun”, “Don’t Fall For It” and “A Song About Freedom”, as well as the behind the scenes promo videos for “To Make You Mine” and the album Eight Days Across America below! 

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