GoGo Donick: Inside the Mind of a GoGo Dancer

I’m going to share what it’s like to be a gogo dancer from my perspective. Join me, if you will, and as you read, really pause and think about what you would be feeling and thinking while this happens. Try to imagine the awkward excitement that comes along with dancing in your underwear and putting yourself out there for other peoples’ entertainment. 

You arrive at the venue and security checks your bag. As he does this, you are hoping he doesn’t find the small bottle of tequila you have stashed inside one of your shoes in your bag. He doesn’t.

Once inside you find the promoter. He gives you your drink tickets and informs you of whatever the drink situation is for that event as he leads you to the “gogo room” – which, depending on the venue, can be just about anything from a broom closet where the kitchen staff can see you changing and propping your bag on top of an upside down mop bucket, to a full green room with drink service, vanity mirrors, and diva fans.

Most events will have a schedule posted in the room that divides dancers into two groups that will rotate every 20 to 30 minutes, on and off the box. My personal favorites are the ones that give you the freedom to dance and break as needed. But less experienced dancers usually take advantage of that and won’t dance, thinking they can get paid to just hang out and drink all night.

Upon meeting the other dancers, you guys congregate together and check out your competition. You see a few friendly faces, a few new ones, and that one dancer who is always spreading rumors about you. You’re getting ready to go up and realize you forgot your cock ring at home. You pull out a condom and tear a hole through the center, using just the elastic as a makeshift cock ring. You maybe put a thin layer of coconut oil on you to give you a shine, and do a few pushups and light stretches to wake your muscles up. 

If you’re lucky, your fellow dancers might help fluff you up with some head. Depending on which state you’re dancing in, you might not be able to actually show your ass. If you’re wearing a jock you can use a bandanna as a quick fix, tying it to hang behind you covering your crack. It’s always good to check with the promoter on what the rules are. In some states you aren’t even allowed to touch the customers.

Depending on where your changing area is in relation to your stage, you might have to take a walk to the box. This sometimes means taking several flights of stairs leading up to the stage, or walking straight from the broom closet next to the bathroom through the middle of the dance floor to your area.

If you have to walk through the dance floor, the people standing close will most likely look at you and stare as soon as you open the door. As you squeeze past everyone to make it to the stage, people stop their conversations and turn to look at you – some with lust, others with disgust, as they lean in to their friends ear and whisper. You find yourself assuming its something unpleasant, but you’ve trained yourself over the years to tell yourself it was something nice in order to brush it off.

How do you feel? What are you thinking?

You make your way to the stage, and your best friend Tony is already dancing. You’re now rotating with him as he takes your hand, pulling you onto the stage as he jumps down. You start a little two-step as you check out the crowd and get into the mood. You notice someone waving cash in their hand as they make their way to you with a grin on their face. You meet him at the end of the stage and lean in and ask him, “Front or back?” He looks at you confused for a second and then his face lights up as he realizes that you’re asking if he wants you to shove your dick or ass into his face. 

He excitedly yells, “FRONT!”, and you take his hand into yours, pulling it up towards the sky and forcing the distance between you to be reduced to nothing. With his face pressed against your crotch, you throw your left leg over his shoulder and pull him in close as you move your hips back and forth. You’re gyrating your hips in a circular motion as you skull-fuck him, hoping everyone sees the attention that a tip has bought him. You don’t care if all he had was a one dollar bill because, after the others have seen what you’re doing to this guy, they will all start to line up, hoping to get close enough to get a whiff of your balls for just a moment.

However, those dances are for the ones who tip bigger. You dance close to the next guy with a one dollar bill, but only close enough that he can reach into your underwear and slide in his dollar. You may even grab his hand and place it on your chest, helping him make his way down to the edge of your jock as he places it inside.

While you’re dancing you might notice some fucker you don’t like who talks shit about you – the one who says dancers are all sluts, and calls you gross. But you remind yourself that he had to pay to get in here, while you’re being paid to be here. Let him hate. Someone asks to take a picture with you, telling you that they’ve been following you for years. You smile and take the picture.

How are you feeling? What are you thinking?

It’s your break now. You go back into the changing room and get completely naked. You’re dripping with sweat as you talk with your dancing partner. He may even help you dry your furry butt off with a towel, and give you a little kiss. You start to pick out your next outfit, as you throw back a few more shots. Afterwards, you make your way to the smoking patio. You find a corner and light one up.

For a moment you almost forget to smile.

Standing alone, escaping to the back of your mind, you take yourself far, far away from there – somewhere where the music and the voices can’t reach you. You stare into the distance as you take another drag from your cigarette, allowing a heavy sigh to escape your lips.  

You’re woken up by a tap on the shoulder. It’s a group of club buddies, and they’ve come to say hi. You exchange pleasantries, make a few jokes, and smile.

It’s time to go back up now, and you apologize for having to leave the conversation. You make your way back to the box. You sit on some more faces, and by the end of the night, you’ve made enough to pay your electricity bill and buy a large bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. 

You head to the after party, and…Well… That’s a story for another time.

Catch a quick peek behind the scenes with Donick below!

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2 thoughts on “GoGo Donick: Inside the Mind of a GoGo Dancer

  • Donick,

    I think you are amazing and the self confidence that you have to be able to be a gogo bear. I read your story through and I am not sure I could ever do what you do to entertain men. I am one that stands in the back of the room and hides but you are out there front and center and I think that is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing part of your story. I would love to read more about you and your adventures. Much Love

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have a few other pieces up you can check out. Hopefully will have some more stuff soon!

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