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Gogo Bear Spotlight: Salem

The next gogo bear we want to highlight in our spotlight series is Los Angeles’ own Salem! As the resident gogo king of Club Chub, bears, chubs and admirers are treated to his unique brand of sexy every third Sunday of the month. As the very definition of big, bold and beautiful we were thrilled at the opportunity to get to know Salem a bit better. Check out our conversation below.

Photo by Jordan Service Photography

BWM: When did you start gogo dancing? Why and how did you get started?

Salem: I started gogo dancing back in July of 2023. Prior to gogo dancing I was already performing for Bearlesque of Orange County and one of the other dancers had told me about someone looking for chub gogo dancers. That ended up being Club Chub. It was an opportunity to show that us chubs/super chubs can do it too, especially because I’d never seen chub gogo dancers in the scene.

BWM: What is your dancing style? Do you have a signature move? What’s your favorite music to dance to?

Salem: I don’t feel I have a certain style of dancing, but I guess you can say a signature move would be a body roll. I love all types of music, but I guess a favorite would be pop.

BWM: Do you have a gogo persona? If so what is it?

Salem: Salem is definitely the persona, Salem is extra confident, very outgoing, and flirty!

BWM: Were any queer people or dancers you looked up to that made you want to join the gogo circuit?

Salem: There are so many great gogo dancers out there but the one person who really pushed me to get out there would be my good friend Alessandra Divine.

BWM: Do you identify with the bear community and/or the chub/ chaser community? If so when did you find it?

Salem: I feel like I identify with both, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I actually found community.

BWM: The representation you provide in the gogo world is priceless. You are an inspiration to big boys everywhere. What is your message to other chubs out there?

Salem: Thank you so much. I hope that we can get more chubs out there. I would say my message to other chubs is to love yourself, embrace the confidence, and know that there is a community out there for you.

BWM: Any upcoming gigs you want to plug or anything you want to mention that we haven’t covered?

Salem: You can see me at Precinct for Club Chub in downtown LA every third Sunday!

Be sure to follow Salem on Instagram and Twitter and catch him each month live at Club Chub!

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