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Gogo Bear Spotlight: Neon Frk

We move the gogo bear spotlight to Rio Grand Valley, Texas where the cute and playful pup, GoGo Neon Frk is waiting to entertain you. Get to know him a bit below.

BWM: Please give us some background on yourself. 

Neon Frk: Heyo! My name is Neon Frk I’m a high energy FReaKy Fetish kinky Playful Pup GoGo, entertainer, performer, producer and entrepreneur that loves to entertain and put smiles on faces. I’m your favorite FReaK! I am originally from Edinburg Texas, Rio Grande Valley it is where I currently reside, but I am planning to move to a bigger city.

Growing up I was adopted by my grandma and step grandpa from the day I was born and I proudly call them mom and dad. We lived on a ranch with a lot of animals like chickens, goats, cows, donkeys, and horses so I’ve been a cowboy since day one. My mom and dad are very hard-working people which rubbed off on me and created a very hard-working individual. They showed me how I can make something out of nothing and taught me to believe in myself, even when nobody else does. Back then I was bullied for a lot for reasons that I had no control over, that had nothing to do with me, but I became stronger and learned how to fight back. It has taught me how not to treat others and that I have the power to change my story and give love, care and support to everybody around me; its taught me to never judge people and have an understanding of others, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.

BWM: When did you start gogo dancing? Why?

Neon Frk: It started in 2021.I was looking for a reason to love life again, after a string of tough situations so I started going to clubs in downtown McAllen and just doing what I loved, dancing on my own. One day I was dancing in a bar called Lux. It was this all black and red dive bar with a huge screen, displaying music videos played by the amazing Miss DJ Karii. It was at this bar that the promoter came up to me and asked “Hey, are you a dancer? You dance so good and people gather around you” to which I responded “Oh no I just do this because I love to dance and the DJ is amazing here”. Then the promoter (who happened to be the DJ’s wife) told me about their upcoming Pride night and invited me to be a gogo dancer. At that time, I didn’t know what a gogo dancer was so they explained to me that I would be dancing on top of the bar collecting tips and that I would be paid $30 for the night. I was so excited because I had never thought I could get paid for something that I love to do, and I quickly accepted the offer. And so, on Tuesday April 20, 2021 I had my first ever official gig as a gogo dancer. I made myself joggers because I wasn’t ready to be in a thong and I made like $50 in tips that night and knew that this is what I wanted to do.

BWM: Do you have a gogo persona? If so what is it? Do you have a signature move or style?

Neon Frk: I would have to say my persona is very much cute and sexy, fun and freaky, down and dirty. I’m just your favorite freak, your fantasy and whatever you want me to be. I am very much known for my fun looks, fun photo shoots, MY THICCC ASS and my footprint in the kink, fetish, pup and ABDL scene. My signature move right now has to be my twerking in a headstand. I’ve gotten recognized because of it and THE Sasha Kolby has tipped me on my ass because of it. I framed those five dollars and have a photo with my ass in her face- best Christmas present ever!

BWM: Can you tell us a memorable event from one of your gigs?

Neon Frk: Besides the Sasha Colby thing, some memorable events for me have been: getting my first major residency (kinda) at Highland Lounge (I’m still there! Thank you Sebastian Andrews), working at the RGV Wet Oso Weekend (thank you Albert!), meeting 2 special sexy men by the names of Keir and Cpher and having amazing moments with my friends King AKA (The Queen Fantasia wood) and Aizar AKA (Freya Dior Heys) They have helped me so much and I will forever be thankful. 

BWM: Do you identify with the bear community?

Neon Frk: I definitely am part of the Bear community. I love bears! I proudly rep them. I’m the cute little puppy otter that’s always ready to cuddle and entertain.

BWM: What do you like most about nightlife and gogo dancing?

Neon Frk: I like everything. It’s like I’m in a movie at every gig and I’m the main character living this fun, crazy life… and I do it all sober mind you. I have never done any drugs or done the alcohol haha.

BWM: Any upcoming gigs you want to plug or anything you want to mention that we haven’t covered?

Neon Frk: At the moment it’s best to just follow me on social media and who knows I might just end up in a city near you ready to shake my ass, show some love, wag my tail, and shake some more ass. 

BWM: Then where can we find you on social media?

NeonFrk: You can find your favorite sexy cute goofy Himbo Puppy FRK on all platforms with a simple search of @neonfrk or @purebredneon 

BWM: Excellent- thanks Neon! I’ll be checkin’ for that headstand twerk!

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