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Gogo Bear Spotlight: Anuar

The Gogo Bear spotlight lands on Anuar – a beefy, hairy bisexual stud from Canada. Get to know a bit about him below. All images by Veronica Bonderud of Veronica Bonderud Boudoir.

BWM: What is your stage name? Please give us some background on yourself.

I don’t really have a stage name; I just use my name Anuar unless it’s sex work related in which case I use Lobo. Some background on me, I’m a cis male queer bisexual latine Canadian who loves to travel whenever I get the chance to.

BWM: When did you start gogo dancing and why? Which bear parties do you dance at?

Anuar: I started gogo dancing about 9 years ago, partly as a way to make money, but also as a reason to go out and enjoy some nightlife. Bear parties I’ve danced at are Bearracuda, International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs, Megawoof, local Bear parties here in Vancouver such as Bear Puddle, and I was just in Puerto Vallarta for Bear Week working for Bearradise.

BWM: Do you have a gogo persona? If so what is it? Do you have a signature move or style?

Anuar: I don’t really have a gogo persona. I’m just me for the most part. I think if I had a signature, it would be lip syncing along to the songs that I’m dancing to. I’m a performer at heart so usually that takes over when I’m dancing haha.

BWM: Can you tell us a memorable event from one of your gigs? For example – Biggest tip? Funny or weird encounter with an admirer?

Anuar: All of my experiences dancing have been unique and fun. I can’t really pinpoint a time that sticks out from the rest. Mostly I just enjoy travelling to different places and working. But if I had to name something, it would probably be working for Bearradise if only because the events were such a fun time, and I was in Mexico which I always love.

BWM: Do you identify with the bear community? When/ how did you find it?

Anuar: I consider myself a “muscle bear” more than a traditional bear, but I do love and appreciate my big boys! I recognize the importance of having that community especially when the gay community as a whole can be very polarizing and othering to those who aren’t the “traditional” body type. I kind of just fell into it. I didn’t really seek it out, I just started going to events and I enjoyed myself so much I wanted to keep going.

BWM: What do you like most about nightlife and gogo dancing?

Anuar: What I like most about nightlife and gogo dancing is definitely the people I meet. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people and it’s awarded me the opportunity to travel to so many places which I’ll be forever thankful for.

BWM: Any upcoming gigs you want to plug or anything you want to mention that we haven’t covered?

Anuar: Currently my next gig is April 20th in Seattle for the Cum 2 Daddy event at the Seattle Eagle.

Be sure to keep up with Anuar on Instagram and Twitter.

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