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Get Wood in Bear-tastic new multiplayer game Lumberhill

There are certain professional requirements to being a lumberjack. You need to be able to safely wield a mighty axe. You need to be physically fit, in order to heft all that big wood around. Oh, and you legally have to wear plaid. So much plaid.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite fit the bill but still fancy tackling some hard wood though, as the upcoming Lumberhill is set to let players of all shapes and sizes step into the shoes of burly, bearded, beefy tree-choppers for some multiplayer action. And if playing as a lum-bear-jack isn’t to your fancy, it looks like the game packs in plenty of other body types, genders, and even cultural backgrounds – the only constant is a drive to get wood.

(©All in! Games / 2BIGo)

Developed by Polish studio 2BIGo with support from ARP Games, Lumberhill is a multiplayer party game that pits lumberjacks of all stripes against nature itself. Per the developer, players will “travel around the world and through time, prevail against meteor showers and pirate attacks, chop trees, and herd everything from fluffy sheep to troublesome triceratops with up to four players or solo.”

Gameplay seems to take a leaf out of Overcooked’s book, with teams of players co-operating to complete tasks while battling the clock and avoiding environmental hazards such as wildfires, or chaotic random elements to distract or obstruct your professional wood-gathering. It also features competitive versus play, splitting teams in half, with two players taking on the roles of angry animals to disrupt the others’ logging efforts. Take a look in the trailer below:

Best of all, Lumberhill will offer both local and online multiplayer – and as COVID lockdown restrictions begin to lift in some countries, it could make for a perfect inaugural game night experience. Plaid shirts are optional but recommended.

Lumberhill launches on Steam on 13 June, and is set to chop logs and toss hogs on Nintendo Switch in Autumn 2021. Until then, check out the gallery below:

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