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For the Love of Bellies

After scouring Instagram for hairy chests we wanted to rub our faces in, today we decided we wanted to ogle some bear bellies and dream about how amazing it would be to caress and rub them. We figured you’d want to see them too so here is who we found. Do yourself a favor and give these gorgeous bears a follow and some virtual belly rubs from your corner of the bear world.

Alfred – @lovingpop

Alfred Castán is a bear loving cat dad from Barcelona who has a passion for making over dolls. He is also an absolute stunner! WOOOF!

Roman – @roman.the.wizard

Roman is a social worker and gym enthusiast based in Texas who loves showing off his gorgeous belly and we couldn’t be more thankful!


This adorable cub describes himself as ‘African Abearican’ and moonlights as a gogo dancer…we may need to shine the gogo spotlight on this stud!


This Connecticut based cutie is a proud dog dad and has a penchant for all things spooky- just as we like it!


This Australian dreamboat is a self described language lover/ need and an admirer of furry cubs. Aren’t we all?

Mx. Xolani – @aries_bear29

This agendered beauty is on a fitness journey but has never shied away from showing their gorgeous belly. Xolani has also been a featured guest writer here on Bear World sharing their gender journey. You can check that out here.

Ivan – @ivillaverde_13

This handsome Spaniard is studying interior design and sharing his travel adventures via his well curated Instagram that features lots of luscious belly shots.

Apisit – @Pond_ThBear

This stud from Thailand loves showing off his big beautiful body and we are definitely not gonna stop him! Grrrrr!


This tall drink of water is a digital content creator based in LA that deals only in good vibes and hopefully belly rubs?!

Josh – @PandaBoy3122

Josh describes himself as a big boy into other big boys – can we bump bellies? Pleeease?

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