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Fitness model Anthony Catanzaro releases coffee table book to benefit Parkinson’s battle

In his brand-new coffee table book featuring 165 pages of photos and original poems, the popular fitness model who found fame by revealing his body on the covers of Playgirl and Men’s Fitness magazines, now reveals his heart and soul along with the many life lessons he has learned since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

In HEAT, Anthony Catanzaro, once known as the superman of fitness, reflects on his beliefs and philosophies and imparts his own brand of wisdom that emphasizes the importance of health, wellbeing and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

“The most important lesson humanity needs to learn is to appreciate, value and respect one another,” he says. “Nearly every poem I have written in the book touches on these themes.”

He chose to title the book HEAT, not only because of the steamy pics throughout its pages, but because fire is essential for life. “It’s important we maintain control of our inner fires because they can burn and destroy, if we’re not careful,” he adds. “No matter what we face in life, it’s important we stay balanced and in command.”

For over twenty years, Anthony Catanzaro balanced successful careers as a fitness model, personal trainer and male stripper. It was when he was crouched inside a gigantic cake, poised to jump out to surprise Betty White for her 91st birthday on live TV, when he noticed something was wrong.   

His normally limber body tightened up. He assumed it was an isolated incident but two years later, the left side of his body had become so rigid that he finally sought the help of a doctor, who diagnosed him with early-onset Parkinson’s disease.

The news was a real test of Catanzaro’s strength, in both his body and mind. “Sometimes you simply have to trust in God and continue on the journey he has given to you,” he says.

Catanzaro hopes that the photos and inspirational poems in HEAT will help others to push through their physical, mental or health limitations. “There is beauty in everyone and everything but it only shines when we allow it to. We need to stoke our inner flames and bask in the HEAT.”

HEAT is available exclusively at, and comes with a personally autographed 12×18 poster. 100% of proceeds will benefit Anthony’s battle with Parkinson’s.

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