Films about bears to keep you warm when your “WORKING” from home!!


No list about bears in the movies can ever miss out the greatest trilogy of them all, Bear City. You can go to their site and order directly to stream on iTunes, order on amazon or get the DVD as well as grab some fab Merch. Head to www.bearcity.com.

Bear Cub/ Cachorro

This cute film (in spanish) was one of the fulms I saw before Bear City, and I love it so much!!! Available on Amazon.com, but make sure you select the correct region though.

Where the Bears Are!

When we launched Bear World Magazine (back in 2012), the main cast were on our very first COVER!!! So, we have to include them! They now have there very own channel on HereTV – chek all the seasons out.

Bear Creek

A pack of friends in Denver’s gay bear community go for the camping trip of a life time — but who will survive! We have to have a horror movie right? – This film is an indie, and you can get it on Prime Video.

Let us know what other bear or other lgbt films you are watching. Stay safe everyone!

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  • Don’t forget to check out Skeleton Crew and Demon Doctor if you want some additional award-winning series about bears! Check us out at YouTube.Com/User/SideKickProd

  • If you purchase the DVD of “Bear Cub/ Cachorro”, beside to view the Special features for an hilarious outtake from the film..

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