Fashion Finds at PTown Bear Week 2016 – MATE

One of the amazing things about bear week is the shopping. Provincetown is a gorgeous town of adorable stores, from interior design, art, food of course, and clothes. There are some regular favorites that I go back to every year, but this year a couple of places caught my eye. Another one was MATE run by the lovely  Paul Nesbit, a former bar tender in Provincetown for many years, and orginally from new Zealand.

MATE is a tee shirt shop also east on commercial street and just opposite Monty’s the Christmas Shop. The tee shirts are Provincetown inspired and some great bear specific ones were available during bear week. Great colors and lovely fabric choices too. 

Head to their Facebook page to shop online:






Richard Jones

Richard is the Co-Founder of Gray Jones Media, the parent company of Bear World Magazine, and was the magazine's creator and editor for its first three and half years. He is busy developing the business in many other directions, but loves coming back to contribute when he can.