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Expand your wardrobe with Good Counsel subscription boxes!

Another great way to freshen up that wardrobe for 2022 is to join a subscription service, like Good Counsel

You know the drill: you give a company some info about your style preferences and sizing, they curate a box of fashion for you to try on and then you keep only the pieces you like. It’s a great idea for guys with busy schedules or anyone who hates to go shopping.

What I like about the Good Counsel subscription boxes is that you can choose to either subscribe for a quarterly delivery or just get one box one demand. You are not locked into any sort of commitment. I also love the inclusive size range. They cover sizes M-10XL and waist sizes 34-68. Its really tough to beat that in the modern clothing market.

Good Counsel offers anything you need from tees to button downs, jeans to chinos. You name it they have you covered. Their site includes an expansive look book for you to get an idea of their offerings and then you can sit back and let their stylists do the work after providing them with some basic info on yourself.

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John Hernandez

John Hernandez is the Editor in Chief of Bear World Magazine. In addition to bear culture, he specializes in entertainment writing with a special focus on horror and genre films. He resides in New York City with his husband.