Estonia’s Bear culture festival,Tallinn Bearty, is back for its 9th year!

The Best Little International Festival of Bear culture, Tallinn Bearty, is back for its 9th edition! All you Bears from around the world, come together for one weekend in April in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Tallinn Bearty is a festival of gay and bisexual Bear culture, and the annual weekend features a series of events catered to raise awareness, pride, and understanding and acceptance. People can be different, but we all need that feeling of being equal. Let’s support each other and have fun while we do that!

Every year, Tallinn Bearty focuses on one top arts category: Visual Arts, Music or Cinematography. This year, it’s music! Check out this year’s music lineup!


Timo C. Engel aka Bleedingblackwood performs his atmospheric Lo-Fi Pop Hymns on stage,  sometimes minimalistic sometimes opulent but always wholeheartedly.


DJ LCB, or Luke to his close circle is a DJ from London, a through and through Londoner who grew up there and is proud to bits about his hometown.


Perfect Mark is the musical alias of an Italian born singer-songwriter Marco Perfetti. Mike MRF is his bestie, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. They are totally chuffed to be in Tallinn and perform for you!


Mike MRF is Mike Flanagan, an American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Perfect Mark is his bestie, an Italian born singer-songwriter Marco Perfetti. They are both totally chuffed to be in Tallinn and perform for you!


Born in Passaic, New Jersey with New York City in his sightline, Sin took advantage of his proximity by sneaking, at the age of 13, into Manhattan and hanging out at clubs like The Building, Mars, Red Zone, Disco 2000 and the original Sound Factory on West 27th Street.


Holger is one of the rare kind – a connoisseur DJ and collector of vinyls, part of the Funk Bear Brothers duo, active in Hamburg, Germany.


Sten’s range is wide. He was suppose to be seen at our event already in 2020 but Covid had its own sneaky plans when shutting the whole world down.


Kalle Nurminen has staged classical plays, musicals, operas and films.


Recipient of the European Tolerance Award | ARTivist | Storyteller | Atheist | Chocoholic | Nomad

See the Events page for even more fun and exciting performances, events and tickets!


Tickets for Tallinn Bearty can be reserved now! There are five Tallinn Bearty Packages to choose from: Superbear Package 2023, Wet 100, Concert One and Two, BXPRSS, and Talking Bears!

For more in formation about Tallinn Bearty, visit www.bearty.info.

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