Enter to win Manfur, a high-quality exfoliating soap for men!

Manfur believes that men deserve soap made with high quality ingredients! 

Over the years, it has been pretty well-documented that many standard soaps, replace the traditional method of mixing lye and with fat or oil to create the basis for a soap, and instead create a something that can be more harmful to skin. This is because these harsh chemicals used in this newer method can damage our skin by killing healthy bacteria, stripping away vital oils and nutrients and modifying our pH balance.

Manfur is is different, Manfur is manufactured with fresh carrier oils and essential oils, most of which are certified organic. If you can’t pronounce it, then it’s not in Manfur!

So, why Manfur? Manfur is free of parabens, synthetic detergents and sulfates. The soap is always handled with care and left to cure for 6 weeks, as well as pH tested to ensure the absolute best quality. 

Essentially, the Manfur formula is a selection of all the finest skin health powerhouses, utilized for their high vitamin contents, exfoliating properties and anti-oxidizing qualities. Some of the ingredients include extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, castor oil, extra virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, cedarwood oil atlas, sodium lactate, myrrh resin extract, pine leaf oil and juniper fruit oil. 

Please Note: The only time Manfur uses a non-organic certified variant of an oil is when product shortage at the supplier.

Experience Manfur for yourself! Enter here to win a free bar today! 

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