Enjoy an ultra smooth package with MANSCAPED

As bears, we love our body hair. But sometimes we all know our groin needs a tidy up to maintain a healthy package! Well now MANSCAPED have launched their new Ultra Smooth Package – a specialized groin shaving system to help you buff, protect, and smooth your most sensitive areas.

From the legends who introduced the electric ball hair trimmer comes a revolutionary three-piece kit that will get you smooth and sexy from front to back. Even bears should look to maintain a healthy bush on top by trimming out the weeds from below!

First, use the Crop Exfoliator, a formulation infused with ingredients that can soothe, clear, and keep the skin on and around your groin feeling refreshed. It can even help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs in your most delicate places.

Second, use the Crop Gel. See where you’re shaving with our unique clear shaving gel made just for the groin. With four essential oils, it’s like a spa treatment every time you shave!

And step three, it’s time to shave! The Crop Shaver was designed for shaving the groin area with confidence. Three precision blades include extra-wide lubricating strips and a pivoting head for the ultimate groin grooming experience.

All three of these vegan, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free products are included so you know your manhood is in good hands!

Save 20% off + free shipping by going to It’s time to get up close and personal with the best tools for the job with the Ultra Smooth Package from MANSCAPED!

BWM Staff

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