Elvira Needs Our Help to Save the Bears!

Cassandra Peterson, otherwise known to her fans as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark LOVES bears. In fact, she loves bears so much that she herself has attended P-Town Bear Week! Don’t take my word for it, she told us herself!  However, as much as she loves us big furry gay guys, she also has a big place in her heart for our community mascot (you know, actual real-life bears), and she’s asking for everyone’s help to protect them.

In a video posted to her social media late last week, Peterson sent a message from the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Transylvania (Romania) urging her fans and followers to donate to the animal refuge if they can. The sanctuary rescues bears from all over Romania (and the world if necessary) who have been mistreated and abused in circuses and roadside attractions. At the sanctuary the bears are not forced to live their lives behind bars, and they are free to explore, climb trees and go swimming in the 170 acres of oak forest set aside for them. They’re also fed properly and taken care of by a staff of veterinarians. Any donations sent go towards feeding and caring for the animals. You can even adopt a bear! Get more information and donate here.

Peterson happens to be in Romania on tour with a group of super fans visiting the filming locations of her cult classic film Elvira’s Haunted Hills; but her fans know her longstanding commitment to animal rights, so this passionate plea from her on behalf of the bears is of no surprise. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked on campaigns with PETA and done endless charity work in support of them. She is also a tireless activist, often seen advocating for women’s reproductive rights and social change. In her recent memoirs Yours Cruelly, Elvira she came out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community but has been a vocal and valued ally to us long before it was hip to do so in Hollywood, and that’s why we’ve always loved her.

Learn more about the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and how you can help on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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