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‘Dream Daddy’ game developers are diving into horror next

Game Grumps, the developers behind the men-loving-men dating simulator Dream Daddy, announced that they are moving in a different, scarier direction for their next game, Homebody. Rogue Games Inc. will be publishing the horror title.

Homebody will be a narrative-driven, 1980’s style psychological horror game where you’re playing as someone trapped inside a house with a masked, knife-wielding killer. You have to escape by solving environmental puzzles, carefully making dialogue decisions, and staying away from the killer. At first, this is an impossible task, but Homebody apparently has a sort of rougelike run structure where things start to fall into place as you make multiple escape attempts.

Game Grumps debuted on the game development scene with Dream Daddy, which seems like almost the polar opposite of what Homebody has been pitched as. Their first title had you take on the role of a single father who’s just moved to a new town with his teenage daughter. There are several other dads in the area and you can pursue them romantically to see who will end up being your daddy.

The shift in direction seems a bit odd, but apparently it was a pretty natural transition for the developers.

“We’re obsessed with horror games, so when coming off of Dream Daddy, it was a natural shift to explore the horror genre,” said Jory Griffis, Homebody’s game director. “We were excited to retain the narrative and storytelling values we learned making Dream Daddy and put them to use in a game with a totally different tone and ambitious new mechanics.”

Homebody is set to release on PC and consoles later this year, though no definitive release date has been stated yet. It’s also unclear if the game will feature any of the queer elements that made Dream Daddy stand out.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Gayming Magazine, by Ty Galiz-Rowe.

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