Drag Race Canada features its first THICC Pit Crew Member ever!

Fans of Drag Race were left gagging this past Friday when Canada’s Drag Race presented us with a little bit of THICCness in the Pit Crew!

It happened during Drag Race Canada’s 4th episode, featuring Biddell as a guest host. The Pit Crew member stepped out in his underwear for the mini-challenge, and the Bear/Cub community was pleasantly surprised to see a pleasantly plump pit crew body for the first time in Drag Race history!

Most of the Pit Crew members are usually very slender and/or muscular guys. For years, many Drag Race fans have been calling for more body diversity in the Pit Crew — because, of course, fat bodies are sexy too! But also… Who is the model?

The model in question is 25-year-old Egytian model Mina Gerges! He first rose to prominence back in 2015 while studying at a university in Canada. His recreation of celebrity red carpet looks, including looks worn by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, made him a viral sensation. He’s an actor, model, and a huge figure in the body positive movement who splits his time between Toronto and New York City. 

Check out Mina Gerges’ recent post on Instagram from Friday’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race!

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